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Sunday Territorian 7 Mar 2021



Sunday Territorian 7 Mar 2021


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SUNDAY MARCH 7 2021LIFESTYLE35 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA 1 In what city is the Jacques Cartier Bridge located? 2 Pulque is an alcoholic beverage made from the sap of which plant? 3 Which Shakespeare play ends with the marriage of Benedick and Beatrice? 4 Harp, elephant and leopard are all types of what creature? 5 Which word links a type of bread and a popular cut of diamond? 6 For how many seasons did Star Trek: The Original Series run? 7 Which Star Trek character was played by William Shatner? 8 What is the third-largest municipality in Italy? 9 Which famous fictional character was created by Michael Bond? 10 What is the atomic number of oxygen? 11 Which country is known as the Land of the Rising Sun? 12 What colour is peridot? 13 Chipotle, Scotch bonnet and Espelette are all varieties of what? 14 Who provided the voice of Puss In Boots in the animated film Shrek 2? 15 Which band performed the 1983 song Mr Roboto? 16 What branch of zoology deals with animal instincts? 17 What is the name of Bruce Waynes butler? 18 Who is the founder of the Church of Scientology? 19 Which 1960 novel is narrated by a character named Scout Finch? 20 In what year was the first Academy Awards ceremony held? 21 Ophidiophobia is the fear of what? 22 What ingredient is always found in a carciofi sauce? 23 Which Spanish town is renowned for making high-quality steel swords? 24 In which city was the first Miss World contest held in 1951? 25 What is the first name of Agatha Christies character Miss Marple? 26 What does a konimeter measure? 27 In which country were the Smurfs created? 28 Katy Carr is the main character of which childrens novel? 29 Wichita is the largest city of which US state? 30 Who succeeded Nelson Mandela as president of South Africa in 1999? Todays Solutions 1. Montreal, Canada; 2. Maguey; 3. Much Ado About Nothing; 4. Seal; 5. Baguette; 6. Three (196669); 7. James T. Kirk 8. Naples; 9. Paddington Bear; 10. Eight; 11. Japan; 12. Green; 13. Chilli; 14. Antonio Banderas; 15. Styx; 16. Ethology; 17. Alfred Pennyworth; 18. L Ron Hubbard; 19. To Kill a Mockingbird; 20. 1929; 21. Snakes; 22. Artichoke; 23. Toledo; 24. London; 25. Jane; 26. Dust; 27. Belgium; 28. What Katy Did; 29. Kansas; 30. Thabo Mbeki. Across: 1 Antics, 4 Amulet, 8 Shrew, 12 Senselessly, 14 Baneful, 15 Sissy, 17 Martini, 18 Piston, 19 Contend, 23 Tom-tom, 25 Agonising, 28 Onyx, 29 Past it, 30 Bleary, 32 Watusi, 34 Wowser, 35 Bali, 38 Terminals, 40 Fossil, 41 Batsman, 44 Pompom, 46 Exclaim, 48 Byron, 51 Colombo, 52 Inadvertent, 53 Lorry, 54 Dispel, 55 Nordic. Down: 1 Assumption, 2 Tuner, 3 Creditor, 5 Miss, 6 Lays, 7 Toby, 8 Sensitive, 9 Refit, 10 Well-nigh, 11 Relic, 13 Lift, 16 Song, 20 Northwest, 21 Earthworm, 22 Doubter, 24 Mayfair, 26 Inroads, 27 Taxicab, 31 Diplomatic, 33 Uniformly, 36 Atypical, 37 Concerto, 39 Lazy, 42 Soon, 43 Nervy, 45 Molar, 47 Amend, 48 Bold, 49 Rips, 50 Name. Answers, this page T D P S A C R E D R E G I M E N T I L R G R O R C H I D I M P E R I A L A T M S N E E D L E S P A S T U R E A M A M I C M O P U L E N T T R E A S O N O H A R R E A L I S T S E N G I N E L T O G N A U G M E N T S R E W A R D A R S Todays Sudoku Solution Cryptic Crossword Solution Quiz Solution Regular Crossword Solution You cant calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass. For someone whos usually so good at seeing all sides of a situation, youve somehow allowed yourself to get too embroiled in an issue over which you have little control. If you take the above advice to heart, you can be the calm in the eye of the storm, perhaps even the peacemaker (if thats what is called for). As the new moon approaches, you can centre yourself. Someone will be impressed. Aries Mar21-Apr20Cancer Jun23-Jul23Libra Sep24-Oct23Capricorn Dec22-Jan20 The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes. French novelist Marcel Proust sums up the approach you need. You might not be seeking new lands, but there are some things that you need to see anew. We all allow our fears to grow out of proportion sometimes. And sometimes, something that appears trivial turns out to be of huge value. You may have run up against an obstacle, but the cosmos suggests it obscures an opportunity. Look again. We talk about the fight or flight response, an automatic physiological reaction to a threat. Its what protected early humans; if they couldnt fight an enemy, at least they could run away. When were threatened or think were being threatened, the same response kicks in. Yet many of our fears are imaginary. And, when we hide away, we miss opportunities that might be passing by. As the new moon approaches, the courage to shake off an anxiety allows you to benefit from one of these. Not everything we do is committed to our long-term memory. Our daily chores dont stay in our minds. Its the big stuff that sticks: passing a difficult test or meeting someone special. But even Capricorn folk can overlook significant moments. This week unearths a forgotten story that will set your memory buzzing. Something from the past is waiting to be rediscovered that will lead to future enjoyment. In the approach to the new moon, a spark of excitement has the power to ignite an old flame. Taurus Apr21-May21Leo Jul24-Aug23Scorpio Oct24-Nov22Aquarius Jan21-Feb19 No matter our personal religious/spiritual beliefs, no one knows for certain what happens when we leave this world. What matters, is always the here and now. That doesnt mean that we cant plan for the future, but it shouldnt involve sacrificing the present. Living in the moment often sounds like an invitation to behave wildly or recklessly. What it really means is that we have to wholeheartedly approach all we do. As we approach the new moon, sincerity is the key to success. Astrological forecasts give indications of possibilities and suggest the best time to make decisions or take actions. But those things dont just happen. You have to play your part. If your prediction says that you might meet someone special, it will take some kind of action from you to allow it to come true. As the new moon approaches, a rare opportunity to make a new connection even in these socially-distanced times presents itself. Your next move? Well, turn off the TV and get off the couch for starters. When someone turns to you for help, your natural tendency is to analyse their problem and discuss what they might do to get back on track. But its not always easy especially when it calls for the person to realise that theyre part of the problem. Being a shoulder to cry on is one thing; being an agony aunt or uncle is a different matter. Being there for someone can mean exactly that... a presence someone can turn to. If you use your listening skills, you can help someone find their way this week. I know were just about to start the week, but you already have some idea of the highs and lows that lie in store. Yet youre reckoning without the dark of the moon, that magical time when the silver orb disappears from our skies when logical ideas, arrangements and fixed plans often get turned on their heads. You can prepare to make the most of it by being flexible and prepared to go with the flow. For the cosmos to work its magic, you need to start with a blank canvas and have faith. Gemini May22-Jun22Virgo Aug24-Sep23Sagittarius Nov23-Dec21Pisces Feb20-Mar20 Even if youre unaware of it, theres an indefinable something about you. If it were a perfume, it would be promoted as a fragrance that bestows quick-wittedness, lively conversation and playful curiosity. Its no wonder that social restrictions have been so tough on you and those whove been denied their usual contact. Now that normal life shows signs of gently returning, it would be easy for you to lose sight of your personal goals. Dont be distracted by other folks needs. Give yourself the benefit of you. Of all the Virgoan characteristics, patience, reliability and kindness top the list of your qualities. Boldness, daring and audacity are lower down. But this week, you may need to call on all your reserves in order to be the one who takes a risk. The coming new moon in your opposite sign hints at a promise of a positive change in your emotional life. To make the most of it, you may need to make the first move (socially-distanced of course). Be your most courageous self. The rewards will last. At the risk of telling you something you already know, you cant disguise that youre a thrill-seeker. If things are sailing along nicely, youre often the one to start rocking the boat. Mostly it works and a good time is had by all; when it doesnt, rarely is any harm done. Yet this week, it would be wise to show some restraint. As we enter the dark of the moon, excitement, magic and thrills are on the agenda, and you wont have to do anything more to get them started. Just enjoy. With the new moon in your sign this week, you should be thinking of yourself as someone whos being empowered with special abilities. The obstacles youve been facing are diminishing. Youre not bound by the same concerns now. In order to profit from the celestial climate, you need to be prepared to experiment with new ideas as well as reconsider old ones that havent worked before. Take the exciting opportunities when they arrive. You deserve to be living a joyful life. oscar cainer www.cainer.com For horoscope forecasts from Oscar by phone, call 1300 017 319. Max call cost $1.32 per minute, including GST. Higher charges from mobiles/payphones may apply. Customer care: 1300 366 702. CALL 1300 017 319 Indulge with 1/2 price off your favourite magazine at Woolworths. Scan this coupon to redeem your discount. Excludes Woolworths Metro and Woolworths Petrol. Redeemable from March 10 - March 23, 2021 Offer available between 10/3/21- 23/3/21 (while stocks last) when you scan the barcode from (a) the coupon in paper, (b) the front or back of the paper, or (c) the +Rewards website, either printed or by presenting the barcode on a mobile device to the checkout. Limit one participating magazine per barcode. 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