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The Northern Territory news Tue 16 Mar 2021

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28 OPINION TUESDAY MARCH 16 2021 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 REPRESENT US, SENATOR Dear Senator McMahon are you being intentionally obtuse? The issues that are worrying most Australians are the rape allegations and the toxic work environment for women in parliament, COVID vaccine and financial recovery from the pandemic. Your little attempt to raise euthanasia and NT rights is a pathetic and ineffectual ploy to divert the current anger away from your governments incompetence. Please address the issues that are actually topical. Your silence on the rape matters is particularly deafening. Do you not get it, people are angry about this, why are you not furious too? Or, are you, like the other women working in federal parliament bullied and stymied into submission and silence by the blokes in power? Please dont harp on about Territorians having a voice when you are ignoring your constituents to do whatever your southern party mates tell you. Angry Constituent, Coconut Grove DEFENCE CAN FIGHT FIRES As a former member of our Defence Force, I appreciate the real and present need to invest in the Defence of our nation. Some people might argue the threat is only perceived, and that we invest a large amount of money each year to maintain and grow our Defence Force, on a perceived threat. While I would argue the threat is real, and the investment warranted, I would equally argue we have an even larger threat, just about guaranteed to cause real damage to our economy, our environment, property and lives each year and that is fire! It is past time where all levels of government need to come together and provide the necessary resources to invest in a new arm of our Defence Force, this time to train for and fight fires, a real and dependable threat. A national response could include a fleet of large, medium and small aircraft based on one of our RAAF bases, ready to respond anywhere across the nation, with fleet detachments to each jurisdiction based on current threat each summer. The federally funded air arm could be then backed up on the ground with state based assets and resources. All co-ordinated by a shared management team. The air arm could either use the cooler months of the year to train, re: base to our North, such as the Top End where dry season fires are severe, or possibly even be made available to assist other nations fighting their own fires. The cost to invest in a new air fire fighting force would be insignificant when compared to the cost associated with the loss of property, infrastructure, animals, people and our environment each year. Remember, even the largest fires all started small. The stamp of one foot, could have stopped it! The quicker we can respond, the quicker we can mitigate loss. Peter Chandler, Gunn WE NEED TO FEEL SAFE, SAM Senator McMahon keeps banging on about the so-called right to die. This is strange, after all it was the religious nuts in her own Coalition that deprived us of this dubious back door of life. It is a change to see a Territory senator actually doing something, even if it is jumping on a populist bandwagon and smoke screening a problem of several magnitudes greater. The two Territory senate seats are little more than well paid sinecures for lacklustre captains picks . What should the Senator really be doing in the Coalition party room? The senators intervention has had Darwin included in the pork air subsidised flights. Its a start but wait for it; from Townsville. Yippee, what a sheep in wolfs clothing she scored there! Its hard to imagine a torrent of cashed up tourists from a clapped out Queensland coastal dole town. Heres the big Territory issue for Senator Sam; the Territory is a 40-year-old federal government failed experiment. Its high time the wise men of the East reviewed the results of their work and lifted their game. They installed an elephant in the room; the Land Rights Act. It was a well-intended piece of work crafted to prevent the further dispossession of First Nations people in the NT. It hasnt worked in the manner intended. For a variety of unaddressed, undiscussed pull and push factors native people continue to drift from the bush to the urban centres. Senator, dont waste your overpaid time on headline grabbing cheap flights from nowhere and rights to die. The right to live in a prosperous, peaceful and safe environment easily trumps the right to die. Mark Lowe. Howard Springs STOP THIS FAKE NEWS I think the Australian media ought to be slapped around the head with a frozen mullet. Time and time again we keep hearing about some bloke from down south, fell down a flight of stairs and sustained a few bruises to the anatomy. How this was drawn to the attention of the media in the first place is understandable but the sickening repetition of this fake news is nauseating. Another thing, it has come to notice a number of federal politicians are on sick leave for various ailments at the moment. Some have wondered aloud this could lead to a crisis. I doubt it, even if half were away concurrently Im sure the country would cope. Dave M, Stuart Park POLICE KEEP PUBLIC IN THE DARK THE top brass of NorthernTerritory police and theirmedia advisers clearly learntnothing from the horrific rapeof a two-year-old girl in Tennant Creek three years ago. It was then that the incident was first reported by the media The Australian newspaper and not the police themselves. Had the media never reported that particular incident, the public would most likely still be in the dark as to what had occurred. Instead, it led to a national outpouring of anger into the abuse and neglect of Territory children. The outrage was so impactful it led to then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull becoming only the second PM in Australias history to visit the town. Fast forward less than three years and the police have again failed to publicly report an alleged rape by a stranger on a three-year-old boy who was playing in the front yard of his Darwin home. They finally came clean about the incident yesterday morning nearly four days after it occurred, confirming someone had been arrested soon after the incident. Again it was another media outlet, NT Independent, which first published details about the shocking incident on Sunday. The NT Independent is banned from ministerial press conferences and other government agencies, including the police, have been directed to largely ignore their questions. Parents who live in the area are rightly angry about the incident not being made public earlier by police. We understand there are sensitivities involved in releasing particular details about certain crimes however, in this case, there is no doubt the public should have been told about the incident. The polices own transparency guide states timely, significant events of likely public interest should be considered for public release. Surely, the alleged rape of a threeyear-old boy by a stranger in his own front yard is of likely public interest? What is more concerning is the police seem as brazen as ever when it comes to trying to withhold information. In recent weeks, it has provided a firm no comment to the NT News around specific questions regarding the cocaine sex scandal and the abrupt resignation of assistant commissioner Michael Hebb. Police Minister Nicole Manison needs to order an independent inquiry into the operations of the police and how they deal with the media, and therefore, the public. Given she is part of a government which has also failed the open and transparent test, we dont hold out much hope. PINTs Jasmyn Hewett winner of the Gwynne Medal, for the NTFL Womens Premier League best and fairest. Picture: Glenn Campbell OPINION @ TWITTER @TheNTNews FACEBOOK facebook.com/TheNTNews @ @ @ POST EMAIL MOBILE PO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 news@ntnews.com.au 0428 NTNEWS NT~ News SUPER SNAPS LETTERS WRITE To Us Make sure to include your name, address and phone number if verification is required. Only your name and suburb will be printed. Please note we reserve the right to edit letters for reasons such as clarity and length. PRIVACY POLICY: Our privacy policy at https://preferences.news.com.au/privacy includes important information about our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information (including to provide you with targeted advertising based on your online activities). 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