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The Centralian Advocate Fri 26 Mar 2021


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FRIDAY MARCH 26 2021 OPINION 23 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU FRIDAY MARCH 26 2021 77 V2 - TELE01Z01MA 1769A young marinenamed William Greenslade, caught in the act of stealing aboard the Endeavour, throws himself overboard and drowns. 1917First Battle of Gazain Palestine begins. A combined British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand force is beaten by Ottomans, Germans and AustroHungarians attempting to invade Palestine. 1945Battle of Iwo Jimaends after about 21,000 Japanese troops and 6800 US fighters are killed on the strategically important Japanese island. 1953Dr Jonas Salkannounces that he has successfully tested a vaccine against the crippling disease polio. 1958Arthur Faddenretires as Country Party leader and is succeeded by John Black Jack McEwen. 1979Israeli PMMenachem Begin and Egyptian president Anwar Sadat sign at the White House the IsraelEgypt peace treaty negotiated with US president Jimmy Carter. 1984After years ofhigh inflation, Australia introduces the $100 banknote, featuring Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson. 1997Bodies of 39Heavens Gate cult members are found in Santa Fe, California. The group suicided, expecting to be picked up by a spaceship following a comet. 2011Barry OFarrellleads the Coalition to a landslide win at the NSW polls, ousting the 16year-old Labor government. 2018Actor, comedianauthor and musician Bill Cosby is found guilty on three counts of sexual assault. He is later sentenced to 3-10 years jail. 1945 he had a lot of side hustles going, including installing fish tanks, running vending machines and driving cabs. But in 1964 he was called to a meeting with writer and producer Gene Roddenberry for a role as a pointy-eared alien in a new series Star Trek. Nimoy was the only actor Roddenberry had specifically in mind for the cast. A pilot was shot but the TV network executives at NBC thought it too cerebral. Nimoy was the only member of the cast of the first pilot to make it into the second, thanks to Roddenberrys insistence, and the series was picked up. He had his first steady work as an actor. Nimoy drew on his experiences feeling out of place as the child of immigrants to give Spock depth. He also contributed the Vulcan salute, derived from a Jewish gesture meaning peace, and came up with the Vulcan nerve pinch to allow Spock to quickly subdue other characters with his bare hands rather than using a phaser. Despite Spock rivalling Kirk for popularity, Nimoy was comfortable playing second fiddle and he and Shatner became good friends. When the series was cancelled in 1969 Nimoy did not have any trouble finding work, including in popular TV series Mission: Impossible and playing Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof on stage, but he could not leave Spock behind. He used the fame Spock brought him to allow him to work on other ventures, among them recording albums as a singer. At times Spock overshadowed his other work, but he later said, in his 1975 autobiography I Am Not Spock that given the choice, if I had to be someone else, I would be Spock. If someone said you can have the choice of being any other TV character ever played, I would choose Spock. I like him, I admire him, I respect him. He reprised the role in an animated TV series and in films starting with Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979. He also notably played Theo van Gogh in the 1980s in the one-man show Vincent, which he wrote himself. Nimoy, a smoker, died in 2015 from obstructive pulmonary disease. give him tuition to study drama, so he sold vacuum cleaners to raise the money, heading for California in 1949 to enrol for classes at the Pasadena Playhouse. Seeing he was already far in advance of what he was learning, he quit after six months and got work doing whatever he could to pay the bills between acting jobs. He auditioned for stage, film and TV. In 1952 he felt he was on the verge of stardom, playing the lead role in the gritty boxing film Kid Monk Baroni, but he continued to struggle. He realised he was better off auditioning for supporting roles rather than leads. In 1953 he was drafted, spending most of his 18 months in Special Services, entertaining other soldiers. While still in the army he married aspiring actor Sandra Zober and after his release in 1955 they settled in LA. He had plenty of acting work, in a vast range of roles, but no job lasted more than two weeks and in between The 1952 science fiction filmZombies of the Stratosphereis a forgettable B-Grademovie serial. Part of theRocket Man franchise,which starred TristramCoffin as Jeff King, a soldierwho battles villains using a jet pack, the serial is about a Martian plot to explode a bomb on Earth to knock it out of orbit and allow Mars to take its place. A low-budget filler, it was meant for younger audiences at matinees. But it does have one claim to fame for science fiction fans. It was the first time Leonard Nimoy played an alien. He would later go on to far greater fame as the Star Fleet officer Mr Spock, from the planet Vulcan, Captain James T. Kirks Number One officer on the Starship Enterprise. Kirk was played by Canadian actor William Shatner, who turned 90 on March 22. Nimoy was just four days younger, born on March 26, 1931. Although Nimoy played other roles, Spock was the one that made him famous and defined his career. He liked to remind people he was only an actor playing Spock and not really Spock, but the two had things in common. Nimoy drew on some of his own background to create the character that his fans grew to love. He was born in Boston on March 26, 1931, the second son of Max and Dora, Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine. Nimoy acted in community productions from the age of eight and also had a good singing voice. At 17 after playing a Jewish boy in an amateur production of Clifford Odets play Awake and Sing! he was determined to act for a living. His parents resisted his career choice. Max even insisted he learn to play an accordion, because, he believed, although actors often struggle for work, there is always a need for musicians. Nimoys parents would not Nimoys first alien role a sign of things to come TROY LENNON Leonard Nimoy (right, and inset as a child) with co-star and friend William Shatner in Star Trek. 1931 ON THE SCREEN Framing John DeLorean, Netflix IN 1973, Israel was attacked by a coalition of Arab forces, led by Egypt and Syria. The Arabs were trying to reverse some of the losses and humiliation suffered in past conflicts with the Israelis, particularly the loss of the Sinai Desert, the Golan Heights and the West Bank of the Jordan. The surprise attack was launched on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, a day of rest, fasting, prayer and atonement. The conflict lasted less than three weeks, but it was a major turning point in Jewish-Arab relations and traumatised a generation of Valley of Tears, Binge STREAM company in the world, but others at the company disliked him. He was a risk taker, with a penchant for younger wives and ideas at odds with other executives. He left the company in 1973 to start DeLorean Motors. But it was not until 1981 that the first DeLoreans, made from stainless steel, rolled off the line. Then his life came apart when he was charged with trafficking cocaine in 1982. This doco looks at his life and how it went wrong. It includes some great recreations with Alec Baldwin as DeLorean. TROY LENNON people in the Middle East. This compelling drama series focuses on the lives of soldiers caught up in the unexpected conflict. It begins with army intelligence operative Corporal Avinoam (Shahar Tavoch) hearing signs of an impending attack on wire taps at an outpost on the Syrian border but, having raised the alarm too many times before, he finds it hard to get his superiors to believe him that something is afoot. Meanwhile Corporal Alush (Imri Biton) has to try to get his protester friend not to desert. TROY LENNON STREAM TO many people the name DeLorean is the brand of car that Marty and Doc drove in the Back to the Future films. But the creator of the DeLorean was John DeLorean, an ambitious engineer who worked for General Motors in the 1950s and 1960s. He took that companys Pontiac brand, previously marketed to older drivers, created the GTO, one of the first muscle cars, and turned the Pontiac into a big seller with broad appeal. He could have gone on to become the head of GM, then the biggest car A shout out to the training programs, industry and enterprise of HPA. The upgraded tip shop in terms of management and organisation is a credit to the operators. Among other manufactured products, employees create top quality, Covid countering, washable face masks which sell at their Palmerston centre for only $10 each. We should be Territory Proud of HPA. POH Tired Legs The reason there are so few places to sit in shopping centres now is because solar etc has increased the cost of power so much that they were flooded with people who wanted to keep warm or cool during the day down south. Peter William Tired Legs is right about lack of seating at shopping centres. Also, long suffering husband chairs should be compulsorily in womens clothing shops. Very disappointed in witnessing a male MLA say to a female MLA, Youre a disgrace during morning statements in NT Parliament. I understand people young men. Congratulations Jackson and Max. Several years ago I was told by a policeman that I would be surprised and concerned if I knew how many sex offenders were living within the Darwin community. That news worried me at the time and still does. Such revelations are discomforting and alarming. Suburbanite Went into a major shoe store in Casuarina. Shoes I wanted had to be ordered. The assistant told me to order them from the store online to expedite delivery. We (the store) could order but delivery would take weeks I was told. So much for sales enthusiasm. Bemused One Go the Swannnnnies! Fly high in 2021 boys! How can I find out if I have received faulty infringement notices? I have received three notices in the past 18 months, interestingly I only received one in the preceding 35 years of driving. The other other Andy Septuagenarian Tasmania on March 23, passed euthanasia laws into existence, becoming the third state to approve right to die legislation. Other states are moving in this direction. Now is not the time for the NT to turn its back on the issue, recently revitalised by the NT News. We have to keep pushing on this issue until the Federal Government relinquishes its unnatural control on the rights of our territory to make its own laws on key issues. can be passionate at times about subjects, but a male verbally insulting a female? Come on, lets lift the standard. How great is it to see our locals kids achievements Monday and Tuesday I was watching Chn9 Today show when they crossed to BOM in Sydney for an update on the flood crisis and who should come on air but Jackson Browne with very professional updates. Jackson has also had a previous posting to Antarctica. Earlier this year brother Max was in a local advertisement on tv for his high achievement in his chosen line of employment. Wulagi Primary School was where they commenced their education and mother Julie must be so proud of her high achieving fine So, C(oo't, L\K6 TO HELP W \Tv\ OU(]_. ~LEC{lONS~ ELEC.1toklS~ bA~~. l''1e: TOTALL-l ~\SREAb 1'\.(E!OB 1'E$Cll,\PTIO~ ... TEXT THE EDITOR ~~ MESSAGE OF THE DAY Have your say: SMS 0428 NTNEWS ON THIS DAY

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