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The Centralian Advocate Fri 26 Mar 2021



The Centralian Advocate Fri 26 Mar 2021


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FRIDAY MARCH 26 2021 PUZZLES 37 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Quick crossword No. 6910 12437 QUICK CLUES ACROSS 1 Puzzling question 4 Testaments 7 Natural varnish 8 Praises 9 Murky 10 Earth (L) 12 Having bristle-like appendages 14 Veto 15 Sheet of paper 17 Raise aloft 18 Character 19 Make pictures DOWN 1 Least coloured 2 Religious group 3 Merry-go-rounds 4 Expertise 5 UK capital 6 Undermines 11 Look forward to 13 Well-behaved 15 Our lot 16 Famous painter CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 1 A puzzle produced in prose 4 Determinations of final documents 7 A hair spray is a protective covering 8 Starts kicking up dust of some renown 9 Indistinct rudimentary inclusions 10 Some better radio will pick up earth 12 Having a rooflike structure from the last straw by Mr Kelly 14 Bar most of the musical group 15 Bring back oil of a leaf of manuscript 17 Have a lot of this pure mixture and it will give you a lift 18 Thus the return of typical spirit 19 Inapt ingredients of material used in pictures DOWN 1 This sort of staple is used as its the least colourful 2 Hears the topic that ends for a separate group 3 They employ children to do the rounds 4 Technique of an operative boat 5 A felon donates to a renowned city 6 When you pass out it undermines one 11 Really enjoy such appetising flavour 13 Showing good standards in the trade centre 15 Ones lot when corpulent, to a point 16 I get the boy to return to his painting ACROSS 1 Philatelic item 4 Animal 6 Prolonged pain 8 Sends out 9 Love god 11 Assistant 12 Venomous ill will 15 Stage of development 18 Untruthful person 20 Malarial fever 21 Shun 22 Illuminated sign 23 Headwear 24 Fierce feline DOWN 1 Casts off 2 Fact of being elsewhere 3 Adhesive 4 Persian fairy 5 Erudite 7 Evergreen shrub 10 Lyric poems 13 Self-righteous person 14 Numeral 15 Factory 16 Amid 17 Duck with soft down 18 Scourge 19 Family member 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 A R U M T O M C A T M L L R O O E X T R A I N N E R N R I B C S A S C R I B E O M E M O Y A S S E A L C O H O L L R U A M U T R I E R C H E A T E N E K N E D R E A D S I T I S G E N E L A P S E A T E K L A I R S C O R N W I N G P N E A L S O S I L L Y T O C L A S P B A L I N U B E R I C C E L L O Y E L L E L E A S A T E D I S I S Yesterdays Combo Solutions Yesterdays Quick Solutions Yesterdays Sudoku Solutions combo crossword No. March 26, 2021 su do ku6910 HoroscoPEs Thanks to slow-motion video, were able to watch eggs hatching, buds blossoming and trees growing from acorns. 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