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WEDNESDAY APRIL 28 2021 OPINION 33 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU WEDNESDAY APRIL 28 2021 53 V2 - TELE01Z01MA 1656The Dutch tradeship Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon) strikes a reef north of Perth, killing 118 crew. Seven of the 75 survivors sail a small boat to Batavia (Jakarta) but would-be rescuers sent from there find no trace of the castaways. 1789On a return tripfrom Tahiti, the crew of British naval ship Bounty mutinies and sets Captain William Bligh and 18 sailors loyal to him adrift on a 6m launch. 1825The Australianpublishes a letter from convict-turnedarchitect Francis Greenway, suggesting that a bridge be built across Sydney Harbour. 1936King Faroukinherits the throne in Egypt on the death of King Fuad. Fuad had told doctors and his Australian dentist just beforehand: I am not going to die. 1947Thor Heyerdahland five crew mates set out from Callao, Peru, on the Kon-Tiki raft to prove that Peruvian natives could have settled Polynesia. 1967After refusinginduction into the US Army, Muhammad Ali is stripped of his boxing title. 2001US businessmanDennis Tito, 60, becomes the first private space tourist for $US20 million as he and two Russian astronauts blast off from Kazakhstan on Soyuz TM-32 to the International Space Station. 2019Thousands ofpeople march on Hong Kongs parliament to demand the scrapping of proposed extradition rules that would allow people to be sent to mainland China for trial. 2020The US Dept. ofDefence releases three declassified videos of unexplained aerial phenomena. 2001 as well as superior fighting skills. Drawing on medieval tales of chivalry the Phantoms ancestors swore an oath to fight crime, an oath kept by generations of Phantoms, each passing on the mask and tights to their sons. Phantom first appeared in 1936 and continues to this day. In the 1930s Falk also did a bit of acting on stage, perhaps inspired by his parents. However, he was more interested in becoming a playwright. With the comic strips doing well, in 1939 he set up his own theatre group and became a producer and director. He would produce hundreds of shows, directing many himself. In World War II Falk served with the Office of War Information, writing propaganda for radio programs. After the war, he focused primarily on his work in theatre and worked with some of the great actors of the time including Marlon Brando, Basil Rathbone and Paul Newman. In his later years he spent more time on writing duties for his comic strips, working on them until his death in 1999. in literature, but also enjoyed drawing. It was during his studies that he came up with his idea for a comic about a crime fighter who used magic to outwit the crooks. It started out as a bit of a joke, but he slowly developed the idea and drew Mandrakes face using his own as a model. While Falk remained as writer of the strip, the drawing duties were soon taken over by artists Phil Davis. Not expecting the comic to run for long, much less to make him much money Falk also took on a job in an advertising firm. But as Mandrake became more successful, King Features were eager for something else from Falk and so he pitched the idea of doing a strip based on King Arthur. That was rejected so he looked for another idea. This time he mixed a range of influences to create a character he initially called The Grey Ghost, but later renamed The Phantom. Like Zorro the Phantom had a secret identity and a secret cave lair, inspire that of Superman, who made his debut in 1938). Falk is therefore considered one of the great pioneers of the superhero genre. While he was known for his two great comic strips he was also an advertising man, worked in radio during the war and was a playwright, theatre producer and director. He was born Leon Harrison Gross in St Louis, Missouri on April 28, 1911, but from childhood was always known as Lee. His parents Benjamin and Eleanor (known as Ella) met through the Bnai-El Young Peoples Aid Society, a Jewish youth organisation and appeared together in an amateur musical raising money for the society. His parents divorced in 1913 and his mother married Albert Falk Epstein. Lee became known as Lee Epstein. At school he wrote fiction and articles for the school newspaper. At the University of Illinois he majored Lee Epstein, recent literaturegraduate from the Universityof Illinois and aspiring writer,had a great idea. The mostcolourful fictional crimefighters used a combinationof deductive powers,subterfuge and manual dexterity to solve crimes and beat crooks. Sherlock Holmes was a master of disguise and a genius at deduction, Zorro hid behind a secret identity and could outdo anyone with a sword. So what if someone with the skills of a magician turned their hand to battling criminals? They would be even better than Holmes or Zorro, he thought. Epstein pitched the idea to the King Features Syndicate, the biggest publisher of comic strips across the US, part of the huge William Randolph Hearst newspaper empire. They liked it and Mandrake the Magician first appeared in June 1934. Gross used the pen name Lee Falk Falk was his stepfathers middle name. With his top hat, cape, pencil thin moustache, hypnotic powers, ability to make things disappear and reappear, his powers of prestidigitation and his powerful African sidekick Lothar, Mandrake was a huge success. Although there were some superficial similarities to The Shadow, the cape-wearing, hypnotist of radio shows and pulp magazines who had first appeared in 1930, Mandrake was a much more multifaceted and colourful creation. His magician powers went beyond stage tricks and his ability to communicate telepathically gave him superhuman powers. For that reason he is considered the first real comic book superhero. The man who made capes fashionable. In 1936 Falk created an even more successful character, a man who seemingly could not die and who wore tights, a mask and budgie smugglers over the tights (a look that would Literature student gave us first caped crusaders TROY LENNON Launched in 1936, The Phantom established the template for superheroes to follow; (inset) creator Lee Falk. 1911 We saw our first funeral Tell us your story: Write to the History Editor, 2 Holt St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 IT is the 1960s in a tiny remote country town by the 60s I mean the year and not the temperature, but the heat was in excess of 100F (about 40C). In my memory, those summers were just as long, hot and dry as they are now. It was lunch time for us school kids big lunch, which we loved more than little lunch, otherwise known as smoko. That was an era when we were made to drink warm, unhomogenised milk, supposedly good for building young bones and also saving the dairy industry at the same time. Big lunch gave us plenty of time to play after wolfing down our soggy peanut butter or Vegemite sandwiches. What better way to fill the time than by playing Ducks in the Pond fierce, physical and competitive. Injuries like sprained wrists, bruised legs and gravel rash knees were all part of the excitement. One day we saw a truck pull up at the Church of England chapel adjacent to the girls toilet. It had a beautiful shiny box on the back. Not a cube but a rectangular prism. It had silver handles, a very fancy adornment, so it must have been something special, we thought. We stopped the game to see what was happening. My God, we thought, why are those blokes wearing black suits in this weather? And there was that new young priest in his frock. We agreed it must have been something extra special going on. On our return to the classroom we learnt that this was a funeral. There was no such thing as a hearse in our town, no guard of honour, no flowers and our town barber acted as the undertaker with a borrowed truck. We were shocked into silence as we heard that this young boy who was unknown to us had fallen under the train at a nearby town. Maybe he was chasing his dog across the line at an unmarked place. It was probably the first death of a child that any of us had known about. The games and fun we had enjoyed at lunch were forgotten and it was a very subdued group of children who left for home at the end of that school day. SUSAN DARBY Train tracks in Alpha. Qld. Im all for alfresco dining but dont take loading bays away to make space. There is a chronic shortage of loading bays in Darwin cbd as it is and in the 25 years Ive been driving trucks here theres been no new ones created. Cmon Kon: bit less arty farty fancy food stuff do something practical. In reply to the anonymous txter who says comments in the paper are disrespectful because I call the gunner government gobbling, in the dictionary gobbling means to use a large amount of something very quickly as in they gobble our money. Were billions of $ in debt because of there mismanagement. Youre thinking of something else I take it. As for your statement were keyboard warriors, at least I put my name unlike yourself. Sean VB Darwin City Effective cross-cultural communications seem to be lacking in our relationship with China. No one wins in war and Darwin is, once again, very vulnerable and too remote for the powerful, southern decision makers to care. Remember that they were prepared to give away the top third of commissioned by the NT government in 1988, nothing new really. Re loading bay to cafe. So a new cafe is proposed for Austin Lane. Hopefully it might do something to green this space which is very unpleasant since its recent renovation which turned it into a very hot space that is impossible to be in during the day. The heat and glare emitted by the use of white concrete and very little landscaping must be contributing significantly to heat levels in the cbd. For a Local government that aims to be reducing the heat in our cbd, they got this one terribly wrong! I would like to see the Council do something to address this problem urgently and to start considering best practice, cooling design in assessment of any future developments. In the meantime, I wont be visiting any daytime venues in this part of Austin lane! Now weve gone overboard! A Development application for two dining tables ? I hope that the DCA allows a waiver for the quarter of a carpark that will be required under the Planning Scheme, otherwise this major development may not proceed. Ratepayer Congratulations to the Palmerston City Council for permanently closing Marlow Lagoon as a public drinking space. Darwin and Palmerston both need alcohol- free space for family gatherings, free from the discomfit that is too often visible because of drinking in public space. This decision will encourage families and outdoor space lovers to use the area for family get-togethers and recreational pursuits. the continent in certain circumstances during WW2. Should we not be voicing our concerns or should we just prepare? To all those criticising various governments and organisations regarding Anzac versus football attendance, Anzac crowds are made up of people in a loose informal attendance situation, the MCG crowd is a ticketed and seat allocated event that simplifies contact tracing in the event of a COVID occurrence. The Nightcliffian. Dear Tom Cummins, Hans Vos produced a master plan for future development of the Darwin region that included a bridge to the Cox Peninsula 0 NOT TOO MAt-l-f ~0~lE CA~ SA--i ,He--t s,oefe'l> 1\,\6 SOMS ANl) 11-\E {>LANES ... G TEXT THE EDITOR ' .. ~~ MESSAGE OF THE DAY Have your say: SMS 0428 NTNEWS t,Jlq,<1,Jc;

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