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Finniss River (Batchelor) Dam studies vol 1



Finniss River (Batchelor) Dam studies vol 1

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Summary and Engineering


Sir Alexander Gibbs, and Partners Australia; Willing & Partners Pty Ltd; Environmental Planning Associates

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Northern Territory. Department of Transport & Work


E-Publications; E-Books; PublicationNT; Finniss River DAM studies; Report;  43/1981




Batchelor; Finniss River


The findings of the report indicate that the concept of a further storage supply to Darwin based on a dam on the Finniss River at Batchelor would be feasible and that the optimum development programme for the Batchelor Scheme would involve, in sequence, the following works : (i) construction of a pumping station at Hanna's Pool to divert the unregulated flows of the Finniss River through a steel rising main to the Darwin River catchment. (ii) construction of Batchelor Dam to F.S.L. 68 m A.H.D. (iii) construction of a concrete lined channel to transfer water between Batchelor and Darwin River Reservoirs.


Dept. of Transport & Works in association with Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners Aust., Willing & Partners, Environmental Planning Associates.

Table of contents

Summary and recommendations -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Yield Studies -- 3. Alternatives project layouts and costs -- 4. Economic studies -- 5. Project design and estimates -- APPENDICES : APPENDIX A Topographic Survey & Mapping -- APPENDIX B Geological Studies -- APPENDIX C Hydrological Investigations -- APPENDIX D Soils Laboratory Test Results -- APPENDIX E Batchelor Dam Design -- APPENDIX F Costing Data for Pipelines and Channels -- APPENDIX G Results of Economic Analyses for Alternative Discount Rates




Dams; Environmental impact statements; Water resources development Environmental aspects

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Northern Territory Government

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Finniss River DAM studies; Report;  43/1981


Final report volume 1 Summary and Engineering


1 volume (various paging) : illustrations and maps ; 30 cm.

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Attribution International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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Northern Territory Government



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