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The Northern Territory news Sat 31 Jul 2021

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18 OPINION SATURDAY JULY 31 2021 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 HAPPY REUNION Boarded the local bus this morning. Said morning to the bus driver and he said morning back and also I handed in your ANZ credit card. I was like WTF!!! 6 days I was looking for it, stressing it was being misused. Bus driver Dushyant of Buslink found it and handed it in to Casuarina Interchange. Henry days ago had yelled at me Caitlyn Ive got your credit card!!. TOTAL thanks to the people who transport people for travel. I will be phoning Buslink to say GREAT BUS DRIVER. I never recognised the driver but he recognised me. Caitlyn, Marrara NO WEEDS HERE Peter Cavanagh says the Lee Point area to be developed is weed-infested scrub (NT News 29 July). How could he possibly have missed the thousands of lush green young and budding cycads throughout the entire site, what a splendid spectacle. It brings tears to my eyes to think such beauty will be destroyed by bulldozers. Pat Dry, Anula BEAUTY OF LEE POINT Last week, I watched a sea turtle pull itself up Casuarina beach to lay its eggs. Its hard to imagine that this would happen in any other city in Australia. The Gunner governments plan to put housing at Lee Point will partially destroy one of Darwins most valuable places. Federal defence spending is an opportunity for the Territory; we have the chance to turn it into long-term development, which means, in part, insisting on the best location for new defence housing. Instead, the Gunner government not only plans to squander the opportunity, but to use it to actively damage the city of Darwin. The land at Lee Point can be developed best by extending the paths and mountain bike trails that are already there, not by arrogantly pursuing an unpopular plan that will increase congestion on Lee Point Road, permanently damage a place visited by a million people every year and offer nothing in return that we arent getting anyway. James Richardson, Brinkin ON THE BOATS ARRIVING AT CULLEN BAY FROM OVERSEAS RAISING COVID-19 FEARS Perhaps the ABF should do what their colleagues in other ports have done and establish a mooring buoy for overseas yacht arrivals with a CCTV camera trained on it. ABF can travel out to it in a tender to do their checks. Bill One thing that Ive often wondered is whats to stop a sailboat arriving from interstate or overseas at, say, where the sailing club is, dropping anchor and taking a tinnie ashore then taxi into town? How is this policed? Mark This proves conclusively, there is no border protection. How could a boat sail 600+ ks and not be noticed? Devastatingly, it was two boats, and nobody thought to close the gate? This means everybody in Wagait Beach, Belyuen, and Tiwi Islands was placed at risk, not to mention the rest of Darwin. There is no excuse for this gross violation of national quarantine. The Minister responsible should be sacked, along with his departmental executives. And while they continue to dither, a flotilla is on its way and some crews have probably already landed elsewhere on the coast. Are there any planes and satellites focusing? Of course not. Tony No different from the southerners heading up here! Open up Xmas Island before these infected people start landing on our shores. Darwin here we go again. Safe pensioner, so far. Peter This is simply not true. Tony Abbott stopped the boats so its all good. Bob Robertsen So lets get the navy out there to intercept and start the immigration process before any one gets ashore. No need to stop them if theyre Aussies, we just need their arrival to be safe and controlled by the authorities. John Smith These Aussies have shown initiative and not waited for the commonwealth gov to bail them out of a bad situation. They are not illegally coming into Australia and they are not costing you or me one cent. Dazz Dwn Are these vessels being identified by AIS on their approach and questioned/given instructions over radio or are they just rocking up? Whats to stop someone hopping in their tender and coming ashore at the local boat ramp and dodging a stay at Howard Springs? Chris BECOME A DONOR TODAY IT takes just minutes to do andcould one day give someone asecond chance at life.Organ donation is the ultimategift and signing up to be a donor is quick and simple. While many people are willing to be donors, 86 per cent of Territorians havent signed up on the Australian Organ Donor Register. It means countless people are spending years reliant on machines and medication to stay alive. It also means people are dying before they get a life saving donor organ. Last year three NT donors saved or improved the lives of five recipients, giving them a second chance at life. One day it could be you or a loved one who needs a donation so registering to help save another should give you peace of mind that youre doing your bit to help a stranger. Nationally, 1270 Australian lives were saved in 2020 through an organ transplant through the generosity of 463 deceased organ donors and their families. About 1800 Australians are on a waitlist for an organ transplant with another 12,000 people around the country currently requiring dialysis. Only 1-2 per cent of people die in circumstances that allow them to become organ donors, so the more people who register, the more chances are that someone in desperate need of a transplant can receive one and have a second chance at life. Its a no-brainer really and something that we should all consider and do. While difficult, having the discussion with family about your wishes is also an important step to take. It ensures that your wishes wont be overridden. So this DonateLife Week sit down and take a few minutes to sign up as one day you could help save a life. Theres not a more beautiful act upon ones death than to keep someone else alive. This is an unusual and quirky offence at best, its not something which is on the rise. On a world record masturbator being diagnosed with the sexual disorder of exhibitionism PETER MALEY