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The Northern Territory news Sat 31 Jul 2021

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10 NEWS SATURDAY JULY 31 2021 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Gary Chisholm. Wanker avoids hard time DARWINS world record masturbator Gary Chisholm has again gotten off without any hard time for playing with himself at the Casuarina nudist beach. Chisholm pleaded guilty in the Darwin Local Court to one count of gross indecency in a public place after gripping, pulling and flicking his erect penis while watching two teen age girls at the beach in 2019. In sentencing submissions on Friday, prosecutor Ian Rowbottom said Chisholm had not taken advantage of previous opportunities to rehabilitate himself and it was now time he was locked up. Hes been very reluctant to take medication due to its negative impact on his sexual function, he said. He seems almost treatment resistant. Mr Rowbottom said public indecency seems to be becoming quite prevalent in Darwin and Chisholms case lacked the usual features such as alcohol consumption. But defence lawyer Peter Maley rejected that suggestion, saying releasing Chisholm on a suspended sentence with conditions compelling him to seek treatment would be, in the long term, in the best interests of the Darwin community. Mr Maley said Chisholm had been diagnosed with the sexual disorder of exhibitionism, which he said was entirely consistent with the pattern of behaviour, really, which has peppered most of his adult life. This is an unusual and quirky offence at best, its not something which is on the rise, he said. Mr Maley said his client had managed to stay out of trouble since the incident in 2019. Chisholm spent much of the hearing muttering and swearing under his breath. Judge Greg Macdonald handed Chisholm a three month sentence, suspended for 18 months, on the condition he got help to deal with his issues. Mr Chisholm was totally disrespectful and oblivious to the wishes of those persons on whom he was inflicting his onanistic tendencies, he said. All he was doing was thinking of himself and no one else. JASON WALLS GETTING A BUZZ OUT OF CAFFEINE PERHAPS busy little bees arent really that different from humans when it comes to work. As it turns out, they too perform better after a caffeine hit. International researchers found caffeine helps bees pick the best flowers. Academics investigated how caffeine impacted bees by giving them some before introducing them to a synthetic, sugary flower. The caffeinated bees were significantly better at finding that flower again once they left their nest compared with those who werent given the additional buzz. Researchers believe this suggests caffeine does not make bees loopy, it makes them better workers. Weight a fat lot of good CARRYING excess weight, particularly around your middle, puts you at higher risk of a heart attack or stroke yet new research suggests fewer people are aware of the link or are taking action to trim down to protect their heart health. A Heart Foundation survey of 7000 people showed just one in four Aussies aged 30 to 65 were aware being overweight was a risk factor for heart disease down from 31 per cent five years earlier. The average Aussie male is 11.2kg above a healthy weight, while the average woman is 7.1kg over. Excess weight also puts people at higher risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. A COLLINGWOOD AFL icon and one of the teams most-recognised fans will fight historical charges of sexual offences laid against him, his lawyer has said. Magpies enthusiast Jeffrey Joffa Corfe was arrested earlier this year and charged with two counts of sexual penetration of a minor. During a brief appearance before Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday, Mr Corfes lawyer Louis Dean said an issue had been raised over the identification of his client as the alleged offender. Mr Corfe, who lives in Redbank Plains in Queensland, will return to court on December 8 for a contested committal hearing. Police allege Mr Corfe twice sexually abused a boy, who was under the age of 16, in January 2005 in Melbourne. Magpies legend charged BIRDS FLURRY OF CONFUSION AUSSIE birds that display bright colours when fleeing danger may use it to confuse predators rather than startle them, new research shows. Carleton University researchers built a computer model of birds with and without flash displays fleeing from human predators, finding that birds with flash displays had better survival if they fled from further away. They tested this in the real world with Australian birds, finding that birds with flash displays would flee from a further distance than non-flash display birds, suggesting that fleeing from further away increased the chance of confusing a predator. A hive of activity. Crimson rosella. 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