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MOTORING 19 V1 - NTNE01Z01MO I own a Toyota RAV4 hybrid and understand the Victorian government will collect 2.5c per kilometre travelled in full electric cars and 2c per kilometre in hybrids. How will they collect the tax? How will they know how many kilometres weve travelled? Joe Sacco, email The road-user charge is only for full electric (EV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles, not self-charging hybrids like your RAV4. EV and PHEV owners must send a photo of their odometer to VicRoads at the start and end of a registration period. For an EV driver travelling 15,000km a year, it means a bill of $375. Its controversial as it is a disincentive to EV uptake, but the government promises the revenue collected will be used to invest in EV charging infrastructure. TAX EVASION The problem is with the 5.4-litre V8 engines used in some 2002-2007 Fairlanes, Falcons, Futuras and Fairmonts. If plugs need to be changed, Id head to a Ford specialist with the correct tool and experience to replace them without damage. Just wondering if you guys write about anything other than four-wheel-drives and SUVs? John English, email We did a comparison test on hatchbacks a fortnight back but yes, it feels like that to us sometimes too. Like it or not, SUVs and fourwheel-drives dominate new-car sales. So far this year, more than half the new vehicles sold were SUVs, while utes made up roughly a quarter of sales. Roughly one in five were passenger cars, and if you dig deeper, a large percentage of those were fleet sales. Well still cover sedans, wagons and hatches when they are launched, but the fact is the landscape has changed. CHANGE OF HEART My Volkswagen Passat is only four and a half years and 97,000km old, but in May the prop shaft failed while on a holiday trip. It has always been serviced on time at VW dealers. It was bought with a three-year warranty, although new VWs today have five-year warranties. VW Australia has offered to pay half the repairs, but that still leaves me $1850 out of pocket and two months without a car. Andrew Scott, email We contacted VW Australia and theyve agreed to cover all your costs as a goodwill gesture. Its great to see a manufacturer thats prepared to be flexible on warranty coverage. FAKE NEWS Is it correct Honda now charges to inspect your car if theres a problem under warranty? Isnt that contrary to warranty conditions? John Hyson, email The only way any car brand can check if a warrantable repairs due is by inspection. If they discover a manufacturing defect there will be no charge. If the inspection shows its not covered under warranty you can expect a bill for the inspection and fix. Honda Australias Justin Lacy explained this is standard process across all brands and the customer has to pay parts and hourly rate if its a retail repair, such as accident damage or worn brake pads, for example. KEEP IT PRIVATE I was interested in your valuation last week of a 2014 Camry. I want to replace my 2015 Camry Atara SL it has 87,000km, is fully serviced and in very good condition. Online car buying companies have offered $17,000, but Redbook says it should fetch $25-28,000 sold privately. A big difference. Where should I advertise it? Arthur Mudie, email Naturally, internet car buying sites arent going to give you the best deal. Theyre businesses wanting to make as much money as possible, same as used car dealers. What they do offer, usually, is convenience and quick cash. If you can endure selling privately youll make a lot more. Your car is in demand, but $25-28,000 looks optimistic. Id list it online for $25,000 but be prepared to accept an offer of about $23,000. GREAT EXPECTATIONS Not every second-hand car price has gone through the roof. Ive tried selling my 2019 Toyota Camry SX V6 for six weeks at $42,500 and had zero inquiries. Its immaculate and only done 21,000km. What am I doing wrong? Terry Burman, email Toyota stopped selling the Camry V6 earlier this year as buyers were losing interest hybrids were what they wanted. Although we enthusiasts miss its affordable performance, its a big ask to pay more than $42,000 for a used Camry SX V6 when the same money buys a brand-new Camry SX Hybrid less grunt, but about twice the fuel efficiency. Sorry, but it looks like youll have to lower your asking price. OUT WITH THE OLD Weve been driving a Suzuki SX4 these last 13 years, liking its lightness, handling and reliability. We want a small SUV replacement with good performance and handling costing up to $40,000. Were considering a Skoda Kamiq, VW T-Roc or used 2016 Mercedes GLA 220D. Your thoughts or other suggestions? Len Nibaldi, email All on your list are improvements on your SX4. Id skip the Merc as its out of warranty and you can get brand new non-prestige cars that are better equipped. A $37,990 drive-away Skoda Kamiq Limited Edition is loaded, fun to drive and eclipses the VW in most areas: itd be my pick. Sample a Mazda CX-30 G20 too beautiful cabin and rewarding drive experience. LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS Re Ford Fairlane BA spark plugs, I have one too and was advised not to change the plugs until misfiring occurs. There are problems with changing the plugs as they can seize in the cylinder head and break. The thread in the head can damage when trying to remove them, meaning a big bill. Leave them alone until you have to do it. Rob Casson, email R O A D S I D E A S S I S T MORE HATCHBACKS PLEASE WRITE TO MOTORING AT CARS@NEWS.COM.AU OR PO BOX 2808, GPO SYDNEY, 2001 IAIN CURRY GETS ANSWERS