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The Northern Territory news Sat 4 Sep 2021

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SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 4 2021 OPINION 17 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA If Australia is the Lucky Country, then here in Darwin during Covid weve won Powerball 10 times over. Surely our hearts have not hardened so much that we cant share a little bit of that luck with people in need. MATT CUNNINGHAM Stop with the selfish stance COVID-19 has changed us forever. In some ways that will be for the good. We might emerge from this pandemic a more resilient society. But the coronavirus has also revealed a fundamental flaw. Weve developed a selfishness that would once have seemed alien to the Australian character. And it seems the less weve been exposed to Covid, the more selfish weve become. On Wednesday, Nine News Darwin posted a straight news report to its Facebook page about the arrival in the NT of hundreds of people rescued from Afghanistan. Heres a sample of the comments posted on the story: I hope after quarantine they then go to detention centre to be processed accordingly. Should be 21 days quarantine just to ensure the safety of the rest of the population. Just my thoughts. Here we go into lockdown again. Yet actual Australian citizens cant get back into there (sic) country. Welcome terrorists lets just bring the war to out (sic) own country. Be (sic) theyll all get housing n benefits. Question why here like seriously why not some where (sic) else. What on earth have we be come? These people, many Australians, the rest Afghans with Australian visas, have escaped from hell, and our biggest concern is that they might endanger our Covid-free utopia. Would we prefer to see the men on that flight killed and the women forced to be the slaves of their male Taliban masters, just on the odd chance we might otherwise have to work from home for a couple of days? Others seemed concerned these people might take our jobs, seemingly unaware we have so many jobs here we have to import workers from the Pacific Islands and East Timor to pick our fruit. Asylum seekers have become a political football in re cent times. Ahead of the 2010 election, Darwin was ground zero in this battle. Our televisions were flooded with ads featuring opposition leader Tony Abbott and the CLPs candidate Natasha Griggs telling us theyd stop the boats. Not to be outdone, Labor prime minister Julia Gillard arrived in town, bizarrely accom panied by David Bradbury, the member for Lindsay in Western Sydney, to sell her regional processing policy. Whether you reside in Darwin, you reside in Sydneys west, or you reside in any other part of the nation, Australians are concerned when they see boats on our horizon, Ms Gillard said. Yet we werent always so concerned. On April 26, 1976, the first boatload of refugees from Vietnam arrived in Darwin Harbour. The 20-year-old captain Lam Binh, his younger brother and three friends made the treacherous 3500km journey to escape the Vietcong following the fall of Saigon. On their arrival, Darwin welcomed them with open arms. Many more would follow, among them 23-year-old Hieu Van Le, who would go on become the South Australian Governor. As he stepped down from the role this week, Mr Le noted the similarities between his situation and what we are witnessing in Afghanistan today. He said he hoped his story would encourage Australians to take a more positive view to the contribution refugees have made to our country. I hope that the story will tell to all Australians how fortunate we are to live in this country, and we are able to embrace people from other parts of the world, from all walks of life, and give them the opportunity, he said And if they have the opportunity to thrive, theyre becoming the contributors to enrich our life in many, many ways and then improving and continuing to make our country one of the best countries in the world and one of the luckiest countries in the world. People fleeing Afghanistan need our help, not negative public attitudes towards them Others seemed concerned these people might take our jobs, seemingly unaware we have so many jobs here we have to import workers from the Pacific Islands and East Timor to pick our fruit People fleeing Afghanistan need our help, not negative attitudes towards them. My son refused to eat dinner last night. I told him that was a huge missed-steak. Dads jokes might be bad, but they make you feel far from sad. Its time to return the favour, bring a smile to dads face this Fathers Day with a special notice in the newspaper. Starting from just $33. Get Started buysearchsell.com.au/FathersDay2021