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Sunday Territorian 7 Nov 2021



Sunday Territorian 7 Nov 2021


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SUNDAY NOVEMBER 7 2021 LIFESTYLE 29 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA 1. Who was the original host of the Sale Of The Century game show? 2. A mandir is a temple of which religion? 3. Cremini, morel and enoki are all types of what? 4. What is the national animal of both India and Bangladesh? 5. Which is smaller: a proton, electron or neutron? 6. What is the brightest star in the night sky? 7. Which fashion company launched their legendary Monogram Canvas in 1896? 8. Janus is a moon of which planet? 9. Which type of pastry is used in a chocolate clair? 10. Where in the human body is the limbic system located? 11. Concho y Toro is a wine producing company based in which country? 12. True or false: The Righteous Brothers were brothers in real-life? 13. What is the name of Lady Gagas character in the 2018 film A Star Is Born? 14. What is the first name of fictional detective Inspector Morse? 15. What is the capital of the US state of Alaska? 16. Is bubonic plague a viral or bacterial infection? 17. What is the name of the Muppet vampire on Sesame Street? 18. In which Australian state would you find the town of Texas? 19. Who was overthrown as president as a result of the Cuban Revolution? 20. What is the currency of Cyprus? 21. From which language does the term smorgasbord come? 22. In which country was the French Foreign Legion established? 23. Who stars in the title role in the TV show Supergirl? 24. What countrys capital and largest city is Nuuk? 25. Who is the current Duke of Lancaster? 26. Malagasy and French are the official languages of which country? 27. Which Australian city was originally named New Albion? 28. Manuel Noriega was military dictator of which Central American country? 29. Which is the only letter in Scrabble to have a value of five points? 30. Who played Carla Tortelli in the US sitcom Cheers? Todays Solutions 1. Tony Barber 2. Hinduism; 3. Mushroom; 4. The Bengal tiger; 5. Electron; 6. Sirius; 7. Louis Vuitton; 8. Saturn; 9. Choux; 10. Brain; 11. Chile; 12. False; 13. Ally; 14. Endeavour; 15. Juneau; 16. Bacterial; 17. Count von Count; 18. Queensland; 19. Fulgencio Batista; 20. Euro; 21. Swedish; 22. Algeria; 23. Melissa Benoist; 24. Greenland; 25. Queen Elizabeth II; 26. Madagascar; 27. Sydney; 28. Panama; 29. K; 30. Rhea Perlman. Across: 1 Top up, 4 Budgets, 8 Sated, 11 Windsor, 12 Sweepstakes, 14 Diced, 16 Rested, 17 Bun, 18 Liaison, 19 History, 21 Spacious, 23 Pebble, 27 Tapered, 28 Catnap, 30 Glut, 31 Age, 32 Skid, 33 Terror, 34 Hurried, 37 Mayors, 38 Softened, 40 Grabbed, 43 Subsidy, 45 Oar, 46 One-off, 48 Borer, 50 Extravagant, 51 Arizona, 52 Shyly, 53 Engines, 54 Earls. Down: 1 Thwarts, 2 Ponds, 3 Posterior, 4 Bird, 5 Discus, 6 Eyed, 7 Supply, 8 Situated, 9 Takes, 10 Disinfected, 13 Went, 15 Ibis, 19 Hundred, 20 Oysters, 22 Amplify, 24 Billion, 25 Ocarina, 26 Manhood, 27 Taskmasters, 29 Ago, 35 Retentive, 36 Ordinary, 38 Sere, 39 Defeats, 40 Gyrate, 41 Boon, 42 Barton, 44 Bitty, 47 Odour, 48 Bang, 49 Rays. Answers, this pageABBESSSEA LMHERCULES MANANARLU ZNCOHESION REMARKEPD RTSHEDSE ASPENSTEER BIODERRA SMMEXACTS CLEMATISPC ONDIMPART NOTHINGSEO DOCTHROWN Todays Sudoku SolutionCryptic Crossword Solution Quiz Solution Regular Crossword Solution Planetary alignments and movements dont prevent us from doing things. Nor do they force us to take action. They simply create environments in which some activities are easier, and others are more challenging. Youve been struggling to stick to a plan. And, since things keep going awry, youre wondering whether youre being given some kind of cosmic sign. Yet, as youll see this week, youre being guided towards the easiest path. By making some simple adjustments, youll find that the road becomes clearer and smoother. Aries Mar21-Apr20 Cancer Jun23-Jul23 Libra Sep24-Oct23 Capricorn Dec22-Jan20 A project, or a plan, is reaching a conclusion swiftly. Youve been resourceful; youve developed techniques and strategies for coping without the answer to an important question. Although your methods havent been entirely satisfactory, theyve worked well enough. Thats why a part of you is slightly hesitant about clearing everything up. What if the reality forces you to think again? Or if your efforts have been in vain? As your ruler, Mars, links with Mercury, your fears will be replaced. A liberating decision is on its way. They tell us that we reap what we sow. The question is how much choice do we have over what we sow? Are our seeds determined by genetic makeup as much as by lifestyle choices? Maybe. Yet, the crucial factor doesnt depend on what you sow, but when and where you plant the seeds. Its about how you nourish the soil, and tend the crop. And how well you work with the weather conditions. This week brings an unexpected chance to harvest fruit you planted long ago. It may not be what you expect, but it will be delicious. Venus settles into your sign this week. While the presence of the planet of love and abundance doesnt guarantee riches beyond your wildest dreams, or the arrival of your soul mate, its a surefire indication of improvement in the areas of life where youve been feeling less than content. Will opportunities arrive on your plate? Will people emerge from out of the blue, to grant your wishes and meet your needs? It could happen. Yet the power to create this change lies in your hands. Youre about to see inspired ways to create chances. Taurus Apr21-May21 Leo Jul24-Aug23 Scorpio Oct24-Nov22 Aquarius Jan21-Feb19 The party mentioned below agrees to waive all their rights to leave the realm of eternal fire and damnation. Sorry? You mean you didnt bother to read the small print when you signed the contract with the red chap with horns and a tail? Even if you cant manage to extricate yourself from one of the deals youve entered into, you can avoid getting into any hot and sticky situations. Your luck is in (rather than out). As fiery Mars links to Mercury, trust your intuition and remember... the devil is in the detail. Just think before you act. If we walk forwards while looking back over our shoulders, well eventually bump into an obstacle. Its impossible to plan the future when our thoughts are focused on the past. And, if we let resentment colour our mood, we find ourselves surrounded by a metaphorical electric fence that keeps opportunities out of our reach. Although youre fully entitled to feel as if the situation youre dealing with is ridiculous (and unfair) you wont get out of it by getting further into it. If you look ahead this week, youll see something inspiring and liberating. Although many things are impossible, there are plenty more that are definitely possible. This week, as Mars conjoins with Mercury, focus on the opportunities not the restrictions. Its important to be aware of whats real (and whats not), but dont be overly suspicious when it comes to classifying what should go into which of those categories. Have faith in yourself and your right to be happy. And trust that someone has your back. This week, with the assistance of a special someone, theres far less of a limit to what you can do. Can I ask you a question? Why are you living where you live? And what about your actual living arrangements? Are there changes that could be made to improve things? In your world now, an issue involving feeling at home is arising. For a while, you havent been able to completely relax. How difficult will it be to rectify this? Although theres no quick fix, theres a much simpler solution than you think. As Mars and Mercury conjoin this week, if you set yourself a realistic goal, youll not only reach your target, youll surpass it. Gemini May22-Jun22 Virgo Aug24-Sep23 Sagittarius Nov23-Dec21 Pisces Feb20-Mar20 Is it safe to believe everything youre hearing? Do you really mean what youre saying? Are you ready for what seems to be about to happen? As your ruler, Mercury, links with dynamic Mars, these questions are uppermost in your mind. The cosmos is empowering you to make a longawaited change. At an astonishing speed, and with immediate effect, a new phase of your life is beginning. The good news is that the answer to all the questions above will be a resounding yes. Just keep believing and keep moving. This is going to be good. Theres no point forcing your way through a door when you could knock and see if anyones inside. As powerful, dynamic Mars links with your ruler, Mercury, it fills you with determination to move a situation along. Yet you might not need quite as much of it as you think. You face a situation that feels difficult and daunting. Past experience tells you youve been here before so youre anticipating a struggle. Yet even if its not easy, youll find that you have the strength you need. Success will be easier than you think. There are times when you can go a long way on the chance that a whims worth following. Yet, this week, when you have so much energy available, its worth being wary about any statements that begin I wonder if. Stick with what you know, even if its not as new and thrilling as youd like. And listen to your intuition. Since a project youre involved in looks ready to get exciting, you dont want to waste time on plans that arent certain. If you invest your energy in what you know will work, youll make spectacular progress. Successful generals arent afraid of losing battles. Although they dont irresponsibly lead their troops into impossible situations, they dont shy away from conflict just because theres no guarantee of coming out on top. Theres no way of being certain that your current campaign wont founder on an unexpected problem. Youre right to acknowledge the risks, and to do everything you can to minimise them. Yet with Mars and Mercury converging this week, if youre courageous, youll find the support you need and come out winning. oscar cainer www.cainer.com For horoscope forecasts from Oscar by phone, call 1300 017 319. Max call cost $1.32 per minute, including GST. Higher charges from mobiles/payphones may apply. Customer care: 1300 366 702. CALL 1300 017 319 Indulge with 1/2 price off your favourite magazine. Scan this coupon to redeem your discount. Excludes Woolworths Metro and Woolworths Petrol. November 3 - Novemeber 16, 2021 Offer available between 03/11/21- 16/11/21 (while stocks last) when you scan the barcode from (a) the coupon in paper, (b) the front or back of the paper, or (c) the +Rewards website, either printed or by presenting the barcode on a mobile device to the checkout. Limit one participating magazine per barcode. Redeemable at Woolworths supermarkets only, excludes Woolworths Metro and Woolworths Petrol.

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