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The Northern Territory news Mon 8 Nov 2021

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MONDAY NOVEMBER 8 2021 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA 1519 Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez reaches Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City. Aztec emperor Montezuma II welcomes him with pomp but is taken hostage. 1520 Danish kingChristian II begins mass executions of Swedish nobles in what becomes known as the Stockholm Bloodbath. 1674 English poet JohnMilton dies at 65. 1895 German physicistWilhelm Roentgen discovers X-rays by accident in his Bavarian laboratory. He later takes the first X-ray photographs, including one of the bones in his wifes hand. 1907 CommonwealthCourt of Conciliation and Arbitration Justice Henry Higgins sets a minimum basic male wage of seven shillings a day, in a judgment relating to Sunshine Harvester Co. It is the only decision under a protection law that ties excise duties to wages; the High Court will declare the law unconstitutional. 1923 Nazi Party leaderAdolf Hitler tries to mount a coup in Munich. The failed attempt becomes known as the Beer Hall Putsch. 1935 Aviator CharlesKingsford Smith, 38, dies with co-pilot J.T. (Tommy) Pethybridge after the Lady Southern Cross disappears over the Bay of Bengal. 1944 The Equity Courtin Sydney decides William Dobells painting of Joshua Smith (pictured) is a legitimate portrait in a dispute over Dobells Archibald 1960 John F.Kennedy, 43, is narrowly elected 35th US president. 1987 A bomb plantedby the Provisional IRA at Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, kills 11 and injures 63 at a Remembrance Sunday service. 2002 The UN SecurityCouncil passes Resolution 1441 which urges Iraq to disarm. 1944 November 8 birthdays RICKIE LEE JONES Ramsay founded his global restaurant group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, in 1997. It has been awarded 16 Michelin stars. He is best known from television series such as Hells Kithcen, Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word. 1431 VLAD THE IMPALER Wallachian prince Vlad is often considered one of the most important leaders in Wallachian history and a national hero in Romania. Surrounded by enemies, Vlad adopted cruel measures to inspire fear. 1847 BRAM STOKER Irish author Stoker is best known today as the author of the 1897 gothic horror story Dracula. But in his lifetime, he was better known as the personal assistant of actor Sir Henry Irving and as the manager of the Lyceum Theatre, which Irving owned. 1884 HERMANN RORSCHACH Swiss psychiatrist Rorschachs education in art helped him to develop a set of inkblots that were used experimentally to measure various unconscious parts of a subjects personality. Iterations of the Rorschach test have continued to be used over the years. 1922 CHRISTIAAN BARNARD South African cardiac surgeon Barnard performed the worlds first person-to-person heart transplant operation in 1967. The recipient, 54-yearold Louis Washkansky, died of pneumonia 18 days later. Barnards second transplant patient lived for 18 months. 1945 TONY MANN Australian cricketer A leg spin bowler, Mann played in four Test matches in the 1997/98 season. He took a total of four wickets. Manns best achievement was becoming only the second player in history to make a century as a nightwatchman. 1954 RICKIE LEE JONES American singer At age 21, Jones began singing traditional jazz and original compositions in bars and coffee houses in Venice, California. Her self-titled debut album was a hit in 1979. 1966 GORDON RAMSAY British chef Sorry Harry of Darwin (letters 6 Nov) you are incorrect. Many employers have the right to mandate the health status of their employees. Having had to do many physical examinations, get Hep vaxs, and pass drug tests in order to perform my roles safely (as directed by my employer). Failing to do so would make me ineligible to do that role. Getting a flu vax so the company is able to keep its staff safe and keep its doors open is no different. Harry of Darwin shoots his own letter down in flames by saying the vaccinated are infecting the unvaccinated. Does he think we should all remain unvaccinated and continue with lockdowns? Get vaccinated! If the unemployed arent vaccinated and can travel around freely, while us who work cant work unless vaccinated, arent the unemployed now a danger to the health of the public and themselves? If an unemployed person gets sick, do they lose their benefits? Dave in Katherine The protest against everything to do with vaccine people are a danger to us Pelting coppers with rocks? Lock them up. 3 months. Not at work to be abused or assaulted, isnt that what the ads say on telly? Lindsay, Leanyer Good work Police, its a shame these unvaxxed fools are tying up poorly needed emergency services. D These muppets need to just get with the program and get the shot. its that easy. Daniel We can only hope while they were tying up valuable police resources their homes were being broken into. Darwinite Good work NT police how funny listening to that protester shout you work for us. Did they forget they dont pay tax on their welfare payments!!! Jack If all those protesters are not vaccinated they should be locked down otherwise cop a 5k fine. Richard JACK HENDERSON, LARRAKEYAH I have heard about the people who are against the vaccine. I have had a double vaccine and had no effects from it. I am 73 years old. It is better to take it than do nothing. It might even save your life. all, these people wouldnt feel bad if they infect others, in fact they say its their freedom, they have already proven themselves to be liars and conspiracy theorist with a contempt for the law of the land, these are the people that will wreck it for everyone trying there hardest to do the right thing, these people will be the reason for bad things to come. Why didnt police arrest each of the attention seeking protesters yesterday? Pretty sure they hadnt had both shots and being in public without a mask. Mark, Wulagi Until people actually get fined they will continue these protests. Kylie @ TWITTER @TheNTNews II FACEBOOK facebook.com/TheNTNews @ POST PO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 '' , W"lt, 111AT' WAS A ~r1'lE WEE-KEJ\ll:> .. TEXT THE EDITOR ~~ MESSAGE OF THE DAY Have your say: SMS 0428 NTNEWS MBERING @ EMAIL news@ntnews.com.au @ MOBILE 0428 NTNEWS ON THIS DAY