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MONDAY NOVEMBER 8 2021 OPINION 19 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA I KNEW the Glasgow climate summit would be a festival of lies, but didnt expect Scott Morrison to get conned out of $1bn by the most obvious. Heres my list of the top five lies and exaggerations told at Glasgow and I have a question. If the science is so clear that humans are causing the planet to heat dangerously, why tell lies instead? THE UNS TALKING DINOSAUR The United Nations started the lying by releasing a presummit film of an animated talking dinosaur warning delegates: Dont choose extinction. Save your species before its too late. Not one credible scientist would agree humans face extinction if, say, Melbourne becomes as hot as Brisbane. And heres what the UNs dinosaur didnt admit: dinosaurs went extinct as the planet got colder, not hotter. Cold, you see, is the real killer. THE ROYAL DINOSAUR Prince Charles told world leaders this Glasgow summit was the last chance saloon to save the planet, but hes been setting fake deadlines for more than a decade. In 2009, he said we already are in the last chance saloon, and action to save the planet was needed now, not in 10 years time, or even in five. Nor is Charles alone in inventing doom deadlines. In 1989, newspapers around the world published this AP report: A senior UN environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000. MORRISON FALLS FOR THE BIG LIE Australias national gross debt is tipped next year to reach nearly $1 trillion, yet Scott Morrison still managed at Glasgow to find another $1bn to blow on the most obvious of all the lies. In his speech, the Prime Minister promised to double The five biggest fibs told at UN climate summit our climate finance commitment to Pacific and South East Asian neighbours to $2bn, because there was no greater threat to our Pacific family than climate change. This claim that Pacific Islands will drown as global warming causes seas to rise was first popularised by Al Gore in his film The Inconvenient Truth and pushed again in Glasgow. Greenpeace launched a report at the summit which quoted a former president of Kiribati claiming hed already seen people whove been displaced, and a university student activist, Brianna Fruean, gave a summit speech to push this scare, later telling the BBC that Tuvalu could have just a decade left. In fact, Fruean studies at Auckland University, and if shed bothered going to the office there of Professor Paul Kench she could have read one of his many papers on sea levels, showing 43 per cent of lowlying Pacific atoll islands had actually grown and just 14 per cent shrunk. In the four decades to 2014, Tuvalus total land area grew 2.9 per cent. Kiribati has also grown. Hmm: The UN got student Fruean to speak at the summit, but not Professor Kench. Guess why. BUT HERE COMES FLANNERY Glasgow turned several false prophets into sages, including even Tim Flannery. Flannery, our former Climate Commissioner, should be finished after all his dud predictions, including his 2007 claim that even the rain that falls isnt actually going to fill our dams and our river systems. But going to Glasgow put him back in business, and in the papers yesterday he wrote that Australians need to slash emissions at least in half by 2030 to limit climate damage, and avoid worsening heatwaves, fires, droughts, floods, sea level rises and ecosystem collapse. In just one Flannery sentence, several more false claims. In fact, Australia is too small to make any measurable difference to the climate, as Flannery once admitted to me. Second, as Australias top warming scientist, Professor Andy Pitman, also admitted, there is no (direct) link between climate change and drought. Nor have we seen ecosystem collapse. ATTENBOROUGH DOES A GRETA Filmmaker David Attenborough told the summit: In my lifetime, I have witnessed a terrible decline. Really? Where? In fact, NASA says its satellites show the world getting greener, and grain crops keep setting new records. Whats more, a recent study in The Lancet medical journal suggests global warming has saved lives. It concluded: From 2000 to 2019 (there was) a large decrease in cold-related deaths and a moderate increase in heat-related deaths. The results indicate that global warming might slightly reduce the net temperature-related deaths. But why bother you with facts? Glasgow shows lies sell, and not a journalist there cares to correct them. From left, Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Sir David Attenborough at the UN climate change conference in Glasgow. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Glasgow conference turns out a festival of lies Not one credible scientist would agree humans face extinction if, say, Melbourne becomes as hot as Brisbane Andrew Bolt WHY SUPPORT FRENCH FARCE? YOUD think Labor would have figured theres something nutty about how French President Emmanuel Macron is ranting against Scott Morrison. Its not normal for a president to be a drama queen, calling our Prime Minister a liar and backstabber. Yes, Australia had a contract with France to build diesel subs, but that contract had a get-out clause if Australia didnt like what we were getting. We didnt. So Morrison cancelled the deal, and went instead for better nuclear subs from the US and Britain which Labor supported. End of story. But then came this hysterical French overreaction, and now Labor foreign affairs spokesman Penny Wong is siding with Macron, saying nobody believes Scott Morrison is sincere. What Wong doesnt realise is that Macrons tantrum is driven by the farright politics that Labor should loathe. Macron faces an election next year, and France is divided. Its had huge terrorist attacks, and many riots in its Muslim areas. Early this year, 20 retired generals signed an open letter to Macron, warning: Civil war will break upon this growing chaos, and the deaths, for which you will be responsible, will number among the thousands. Then 2000 serving soldiers signed another open letter to Macron: We are talking about the survival of our country. Call them extremists, but many French voters fear their country has lost not just its old glory but even identity. To stay president, Macron must win a run-off next year against either Marine Le Pen, leader of the right-wing National Rally, or the even more right-wing Eric Zemmour. Zemmour is a commentator from an Algerian Jewish family who has shot to second in the polls by preaching a radical French nationalism, and he and Le Pen have exploited the failed subs deal with Australia to make Macron seem a weak leader who cannot make France great again. Zemmour, the French Donald Trump, even put out a video saying Frances secret services should have known about the deal Australia signed instead with the US and Britain, and painting Macron as the dupe of Anglo-Saxons Frances traditional great bogey. Some say, whisper, that Emmanuel Macron had known since last June, and that he waited for the most favourable moment to announce this catastrophe and this snub that our Anglo-Saxon allies have inflicted on us. See now why Macron is acting so crazy about Australia? He must show farright voters that hes tough, too, against wicked AngloSaxons. So why is Labor on his side? ii