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Sunday Territorian 21 Nov 2021


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12 NEWS SUNDAY NOVEMBER 21 2021 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 HM: Im sure its been an incredibly stressful 48 hours how are you both coping? TP: Not so well. I feel terrible, to be honest. Although Bonnie and I have both known about all this for three years, to have it played out like this is really distressing, and upsetting, and Im really embarrassed. I feel sick for Bonnie, and for my family more than anything else. BP: I have a bit of sympathy for Tim. A lot actually. He and I went through all of this privately in 2018. It was horrific then ... and is really hard ... HM: ... and now youre going through it again, very publicly ... BP: ... We will. I have had my time of getting angry, and venting, and to get upset, and we fought and we talked, and then we both decided to move on with life, and do it together I feel a bit frustrated that its all been brought up and aired in the public when wed put it to bed years ago. I have moved forward since then. I feel like there is a lot of injustice for it being dragged out again. HM: Did you feel it was behind you when you dealt with the issue in 2018? BP: We thought so. Now, it seems unfair that its being aired out to everyone else to view and judge. HM: How hard was it for you, Bonnie, three years ago when Tim came to tell you hed had a text exchange with a work colleague and had broken your trust? BP: I was shocked. I remember feeling angry because we had a little girl that wasnt too old. At the same time, Tim and I had been in a long relationship, itd been 10 years, and God knows we had had our ups and downs, and I dont claim to be perfect, but I was still completely rocked. HM: Was your marriage at the time of the texts in a good spot? BP: It was stressful. Wed just had a new baby, and Tim was away a lot, so it was a very stressful time in the relationship. TP: We had been together a long time, and wed been through a lot. If I was being honest, I probably took things for granted a little. I got complacent. I wasnt as grateful as I should have been to have Bonnie in my life. BP: You lost your way a bit. TP: thats not a bad way of putting it. I certainly had. Months before that I was retiring from first class cricket and accepting a job for Kookaburra. My cricket career was nearly done. But then everything changed direction at a rapid pace. HM: Marriages, relationships, even the best, are filled with plenty of challenges. BP: And they are testing. And you need to forgive. We had been together a long time and maybe lost sight of some important things. Relationships are bloody hard. Whether its with your family, with your sister, your husband, your partner, you make mistakes. Its hard enough to have that happen privately in your relationship inside your own four walls, just the two of you, but its harder when everyone has an opinion, and everyone wants to know about your personal life. TP: Relationships, marriages, kids its all hard, but none of that can be an excuse for what I did. HM: Can I ask some questions that I think are still grey for some? TP: Sure mate. HM: Youve made a mistake that many make and youll pay an enormous price because of your profile. Can I ask, why? Why did you send the messages? TP: Ummmm ... yeah ... (long emotional pause) thats, thats a good question. Im not even sure there is a simple, clear answer Hame. I battle with that every day, Why did I send those messages? Maybe its as simple as stupidity? Or an inflated ego? Or feeling needed or wanted being flattering. Or that it was dangerous or risqu? I dont know, Im not sure. But I know I wish I hadnt, and itll be a life of regret that I did. HM: How did the text exchange start? TP: A female colleague who worked at Cricket Tasmania and I would communicate over text around cricket issues. There was nothing unusual about it. But then, one text was sent that was a little open ended, and it became a flirtatious exchange that should never have. HM: Over how long a period? TP: A night, and then a few the next morning. HM: 18 hours that changes your life. TP: Yeah. mine, and Bonnies, and our friends and family. All because I I feel a bit frustrated its all been brought up. I feel like theres a lot of injustice for it being dragged out again. Bonnie Paine I JUST CHOSE TO messed up. HM: Did you ever have a physical, intimate relationship with her? TP: No. It was just a series of texts that should never have happened. HM: How did private texts, become public? TP: Im not sure. Its a question I dont know the answer to, but it certainly wasnt myself or Bonnie. HM: How long was it after the exchange of texts that it became known to you that it was going to become an issue and a complaint had been made? TP: It was months after, I think in May 2018 when Nick Cummins, the CEO of Cricket Tasmania, rang me to asked me about the exchange. HM: When were the texts? TP: Late 2017. HM: Do you know why it took so long to become an issue? TP: No, I dont, I have no idea why it took so long. HM: When did you tell Bonnie? TP: As soon as a complaint was lodged. I told her everything. I admitted it, all of it. HM: Did you feel that today was inevitable? That it was all a ticking time bomb, given the nature of the texts? TP: Yeah, I did, absolutely. I thought the issue was dealt with, but it always popped up around a big series, or at the start of the cricket season. HM: The Cricket Australia investigation, and the Cricket Tasmania investigation, cleared you of any wrongdoing. Were you surprised by this? TP: Not really. It was two consenting adults exchanging private messages. BP: They found there was no wrongdoing, essentially. HM: Just on the CA and the Cricket Tasmania inquiry what were you cleared of? TP: I was cleared of any improper behaviour, under the code of conduct. HM: Given you were cleared by both bodies, why did you feel a sense of obligation to resign as Australian cricket captain? TP: We were made aware that the messages were going to be made public and I understood how that would become a media frenzy. I didnt want that to be an ongoing distraction for my family, and I didnt want it to be an ongoing distraction for my teammates. I just thought it was the right thing to do. HM: You were made captain of the national team after you had sent the messages, but before the complaint and subsequent investigations. Were you reticent to accept the captaincy knowing that this day may come? TP: No, I wasnt. Because it was a consensual exchange of messages months beforehand, I didnt think it was anything to consider. I never On Friday Tim Paine resigned as captain of the Australian cricket team. A position he coveted, but a position he felt he no longer deserved as a result of an 18-hour text exchange with a female colleague. Tim and wife Bonnie felt there were questions people wanted to ask. They open up to Hamish Mclachlan The former Test captain is keen to keep playing and win the Ashes in Australia. EXCLUSIVE TIM & BONNIE PAINE INTERVIEW

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