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Sunday Territorian 21 Nov 2021


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SUNDAY NOVEMBER 21 2021 LIFESTYLE 35 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA 1. A murcott is what type of fruit: melon, citrus or stonefruit? 2. In what year did the Berlin Wall fall? 3. What river runs through Paris? 4. Aaron Paul is best known for playing Jesse Pinkman in what US series? 5. A hammer is to a nail as a drill is to a what? 6. In legal terms, what is an exhibit? 7. Who replaced Matt Smith as The Doctor in the long-running television series Doctor Who? 8. On a standard dartboard, what is the lowest number that cannot be scored with a single dart? 9. A bibliophile collects what? 10. Which well-known American film actor was born Bernard Schwartz on June 3, 1925? 11. Unused glucose in the human body is converted into glycogen and stored in which organ? 12. Known as the muses, how many goddesses of the inspiration of literature, sciences and the arts are there in Greek mythology? 13. What herb is sometimes known as wild marjoram? 14. Rooibos tea comes from a plant found exclusively in which country? 15. What does LCD stand for when describing television screens? 16. What was the name of Kirsten Dunsts character in the TV series Fargo? 17. Which 90s British sitcom was set in Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre? 18. What is the alias of Batman villain Two-Face? 19. Which American rock band had a worldwide hit with Eye of the Tiger in 1982? 20. What is the process by which plants generate oxygen? 21. What is the title of Mary J Bliges 2007 album? 22. In which musical would you find the characters Ado Annie, Curly McLain and Laurey Williams? 23. In what 1989 film did Patrick Swayze play Dalton, a bouncer in smalltown Missouri? 24. In which country is the Nikola Tesla Airport located? 25. What is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi? 26. Is a sobriquet a) a type of poem b) a French bread or c) a nickname? 27. Which Australian city is located on the Derwent River? 28. In what year was the organisation ASIO established? 29. What instrument is used to measure wind speed? 30. Which actor appeared in the most Carry On films? Todays Solutions 1. Citrus; 2. 1989; 3. The Seine; 4. Breaking Bad; 5. Screw; 6. Evidence; 7. Peter Capaldi; 8. 23; 9. Books; 10. Tony Curtis; 11. Liver; 12. Nine; 13. Oregano; 14. South Africa; 15. Liquid Crystal Display; 16. Peggy; 17. The Brittas Empire; 18. Harvey Dent; 19. Survivor; 20 Photosynthesis; 21. Growing Pains; 22. Oklahoma!; 23. Road House; 24. Serbia; 25. Mycology; 26. c) a nickname; 27. Hobart; 28. 1949; 29. Anemometer; 30. Kenneth Williams. Across: 1 Amaze, 4 Divorce, 8 Foals, 11 Calypso, 12 Title-holder, 14 Whole, 16 Retort, 17 Eel, 18 Lebanon, 19 Pass key, 21 Splendid, 23 Elicit, 27 Unfrock, 28 Hotpot, 29 Blue, 30 Doom, 31 Stymie, 32 Remains, 35 Suffix, 36 Merriest, 38 Rhombus, 41 Liberia, 43 Our, 44 Pascal, 46 Monks, 48 Springboard, 49 Postage, 50 Dusky, 51 Suavely, 52 Nudes. Down: 1 Accords, 2 Allot, 3 Esperanto, 4 Dhow, 5 Vetoes, 6 Rote, 7 Evenly, 8 Football, 9 Add on, 10 Strengthens, 13 Ills, 15 Head, 19 Pickets, 20 Kestrel, 22 Lift-off, 24 Collide, 25 Shampoo, 26 Cowries, 27 Undisclosed, 33 Mortal sin, 34 Vibrancy, 36 Murk, 37 Tellers, 38 Rabbis, 39 Moor, 40 Bundle, 42 Barbs, 45 Chard, 46 Mama, 47 Spry. Answers, this pageSHAPESATS ERPAGEANTS ADMIREUBR GSCLEMATIS HELMETRF AREMEDIES SAED RETOLLEDL NRINSERT ATALANTAEA IOATURNIP GRAPHITEGS ESLSWEDES Todays Sudoku SolutionCryptic Crossword Solution Quiz Solution Regular Crossword Solution No one ever intends to inadvertently fall into a lake, but if this week you happen to find yourself wandering around a shoreline, might you choose to wear a wetsuit and goggles and carry a rubber ring... just in case? Or would you take an empty backpack with you, on the off-chance that you come across some rare fossils, precious stones or even a trove of forgotten treasure? Under the current cosmic climate, if faced with a choice, the optimistic path is highly recommended. You can have faith in fate. Aries Mar21-Apr20 Cancer Jun23-Jul23 Libra Sep24-Oct23 Capricorn Dec22-Jan20 No matter our lifestyle or where we live, there are always problems to deal with and sources of stress. Thats just how it is. Yet its not the only way of looking at things. Life is also about love, happiness, delight, satisfaction, magic, discovery and much more. The trouble is that its all too easy to forget these things when were caught up in the challenges. Yet it doesnt take much to remind us of the positives. And when we remember to feel thankful, we feel good. Youll have lots to be grateful for this week. I first realised that I was naturally drawn to astrology because even as a youngster, I was good at guessing peoples sun signs. I dont know how I knew; I just did. Nowadays, when Im immersed in the stars and planets and have studied their effects, Im not so good at guessing. Its probably because my reputations at stake. Imagine what would happen if I got it wrong? There are times when the fear of what we think we stand to lose stops us from making an easy win. Under auspicious skies, you can afford to be bold this week. You dont need me to tell you about the benefits of positive thinking. Numerous best-sellers explain its merits and the internets full of experts extolling the virtues of constructive visualisation. The theory is that if we really want something to happen and picture it clearly in our minds, it will manifest. Its a powerful technique, but theres a flaw. It lies in the person doing the visualisation. Suppose you want something that isnt right for you? Under positive skies, trust that the best possible option is making its way into your world. Taurus Apr21-May21 Leo Jul24-Aug23 Scorpio Oct24-Nov22 Aquarius Jan21-Feb19 When we decide to stay away from a person (or a situation), the saying once bitten, twice shy supports and explains our behaviour. If weve had an undesirable experience, we dont want to repeat it. To nonchalantly wander back into the same trouble would be extremely unwise... wouldnt it? Yet it would be even more foolish to erect a metaphorical barrier on the basis of insubstantial reasoning. We might miss out on an amazing opportunity. Under this positive cosmic climate, dont be persuaded to write off a positive possibility. We dont tend to be outspoken or speak too plainly, because we worry that we might make ourselves look foolish. What if we were kind to someone but they turn out to be unpleasant? Suppose they laugh in the face of our good-heartedness? How would we feel? Yet in real life, there arent many really mean people. We think we know them, because weve seen so many bad guys and girls played by actors on our screens. This week, under positive skies, have the courage and confidence to be your generous best. With so many superheroes to choose from, why is Superman so enduringly popular? It certainly cant be based on his fashion choices. Underpants over tights? Really? Yet despite his peculiar dress sense, we seem to have taken him to heart. The idea of someone flying to the rescue is very appealing. When we receive an unexpected helping hand, it restores our faith in the world. If you find yourself dashing to the rescue this week, dont worry about what youre wearing. Your actions will be appreciated and rewarded. With the celestial influences affecting your outlook this week, youll find theres a difference in both the way youre looking at the world and the way that the worlds looking at you. Youll notice new levels of meaning in the things that people say to you and in their behaviour. Friends, colleagues and loved ones will be more thoughtfully responsive. This brings opportunities to question your role in certain relationships and, if you so desire, to instigate enriching changes. This enlightening process can be joyful and fun too. Gemini May22-Jun22 Virgo Aug24-Sep23 Sagittarius Nov23-Dec21 Pisces Feb20-Mar20 When something goes wrong, does it increase the chance of other processes failing? Should you always make allowances for potential problems? And if you carefully create a complex system of safeguards, what would you do if an unexpected, unforeseeable issue arose? Maybe it would be better to summon more self-confidence and continue to make wise preparations but work on the belief that most things will actually go well. This week, with your ruler Mercury being empowered, it would be wise to expect success. Just as some birds are attracted to shiny objects, something bright has caught your attention. If it suddenly disappeared, youd feel a sense of loss. Yet how can you be sure its worth your time and energy? Is there a chance that youve been dazzled by a brilliance that will fade in the clear light of day? This week, with your ruling planet Mercury in a powerful position, its who you are, not what you possess, that really matters. Youll naturally attract joy and fun into your life. And if you dont look for disappointment, you wont find it. Destinys easily distracted. Fate can be diverted and luck tends to deviate when were not watching. One minute, the mysterious cosmic forces seem to be focusing their attention on us, the next, theyve disappeared over the horizon, presumably with the intention of improving someone elses lot in life. How are we supposed to cope? What should we do? Rather than wasting precious time and energy wondering if your luck is in, act as if it is. The stars are on your side this week. Your magical powers are reawakening. If the celestial forces have plans for us that require our cooperation, presumably, as long as we follow the signs and signals, everything will go well. But what happens when we have a plan that needs cosmic assistance? Is it enough to just make sure our demands are clear? Many spiritual folk believe that its by working in collaboration with the heavenly forces that were able to create powerful, positive change. This week, what you want and what the world wants for you are remarkably similar. You can do great things. oscar cainer www.cainer.com For horoscope forecasts from Oscar by phone, call 1300 017 319. Max call cost $1.32 per minute, including GST. Higher charges from mobiles/payphones may apply. Customer care: 1300 366 702. CALL 1300 017 319 Ho Ho Oh! Smash your Chrissy list early with our advent calendar. Its 12 days of +Rewards giveaways worth $190,000*. Get cracking from the 22nd November 2021. +Rewards members can find out more at www.ntnews.com.au/12days *The 12 days of +Rewards giveaways is available to +Rewards members nationally. Rewards Were for

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