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Development of a Groundwater Model for the Western Davenport Plains



Development of a Groundwater Model for the Western Davenport Plains


Knapton, Anthony; CloudGMS Pty Ltd

Commissioned by

Northern Territory. Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security


E-Publications; E-Books; PublicationNT; WRD Technical Report 27/2017




Western Davenport Water Control District


CloudGMS has been commissioned by DENR to develop a numerical groundwater model of the aquifers within the central area of the WDWCD to improve confidence in the sustainability of the groundwater resources, as this is the area within the WCD with greatest potential for intensive development.


Made available by via Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT); Prepared for Dept Environment and Natural resources

Table of contents

Executive summary -- 1 Background -- 2 Physical -- 3 Available data -- 4 Conceptual model -- 5 Model design & construction -- 6 Parameter estimation -- 7 Water balances -- 8 Sensitivity analysis -- 9 Predictive scenarios -- 10 Conclusions -- 11 Reference -- 12 Document history and version control -- Appendix A - Groundwater level hydrographs - Appendix B - Alek range horticultural farm sub-regional modelling




Groundwater; Northern Territory; Western Davenport Water Control District; Conceptual mode

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Northern Territory Governmnet

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version 2.0


WRD Technical Report 27/2017


ix, 127 pages : colour illustration and maps ; 30 cm

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Attribution International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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Northern Territory Government



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https://hdl.handle.net/10070/842058 [LANT E-Publications: Development of a Groundwater Model for the Western Davenport Plains, version 1.1]

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Western Davenport WCD Groundwater Model (v2.0) Available Data CloudGMS 19 Early to Middle Proterozoic Hatches Creek Group Table 4 Summary stratigraphic succession of the Wiso Basin modified from Kruse & Munson, 2013. Age Unit Lithology Depositional Environment Stratigraphic Relationship Devonian Lake Surprise Sandstone White to light brown, fine to medium quartz sandstone; low- angle cross-beds Shallow marine, shore face, ?fluviatile Unconformable on Hanson River Beds, Lothari Hill Sandstone EarlyMiddle Ordovician Hanson River beds Fine to medium sandstone, siltstone, micaceous claystone, limestone glauconitic dolostone, microbialite; fossiliferous, ooids Shallow marine to ?fluviatile Unconformable on Point Wakefield Beds Middle Cambrian Point Wakefield Beds White and brown, locally calcareous claystone, ?overlain by interbedded claystone and sandstone; fossiliferous, cross-beds in sandstone Shallow marine to ?fluviatile Unconformable on Lothari Hill Sandstone, Hooker Creek Formation, Montejinni Limestone Lothari Hill Sandstone Pale- to red-brown, fine quartz sandstone, locally micaceous or dolomitic; minor claystone, dolostone; desiccation cracks, vertical ?burrows, minor lowangle cross-beds, symmetric ripples Intertidal to ?shore face Conformable and gradational on Hooker Creek Formation Hooker Creek Formation Red-brown to maroon-green, laminated, bioturbated micaceous siltstone and grey dolomitic mudstone, minor limestone, quartz sandstone; limestone beds fossiliferous Peritidal to restricted marine Conformable and gradational on Montejinni Limestone Montejinni Limestone Limestone and dolostone (including microbial (dolo)laminate and mottled bioclast, oncoid and ribbon types), maroon-green siltstone; minor dolomitic quartz sandstone; local basal polymict breccia; nodular evaporates, hot and cold seep structures; fossiliferous; tripartite limestone-mudstonelimestone Peritidal to restricted marine Unconformable on ?Proterozoic basement rocks