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Darwin 1974



Darwin 1974


Mirniyowan, Terry; Murrungun, Bowunayi




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This material was collected by the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project between 2013 and 2021. The project was led by Charles Darwin University in partnership with the Australian National University and the Northern Territory Government and funded in part by the Australian Research Council.; Efforts have been made to identify and contact the person or people responsible for creating these materials to request permission to include them in this archive. If you have any concerns about materials being made public on this site, please contact us and we will remove the item from display until any concerns have been addressed.


6 short stories; short stories


Anindilyakwa; Anindilyakwa language N151


Memoir; LAAL; Bilingual education resources; Anindilyakwa langauge N151; Anindilyakwa people N151; Anandilyakwa; Aninhdhilyagwa; Yingguru; Warnindilyakwa; Enindilyakwa; Ingura; Amakurupa; Andilagwa; Andiljaugwa; Andiljaukwa; Andilyaugwa; Anindiljaugwa; Anindilyaugwa; Awarikpa; En Indiljaugwa; Endiljaugwa; Enindiljaugwa; Enindilyaugwa; Groote Eylandt; Lamadalpu; Wani Ndiljaugwa; Wanindilyaugwa; Enindhilyagwa; Anindhilyakwa; Eninhdhilyagwa; Wanindilyaugwa Ingura; Gunwinyguan

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Angurugu Community Library

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Angurugu; Groote Eylandt

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cdu:30752; LAAL_ID:an0005




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Angurugu Community Library



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Adinub a w i y a yirril i k e n u m a n a r r a r i n g i r i n g a n d e n a m u r r u - w a angalya. Biya akinu-manja alikira banga awilyaba nuwam- bilyuma, k a j ungwa k a r r a r i n g a n d e n u - m a n j a y a k w u j i n a ka- k w u n u m u r r k w u l i - y a d a , akwa ambilyuma bajan a n g a amungkurr- buda-kiya yakwujina n u w a m b i l y u m a , k a j u n g w a karrarring- kini-yada k a r r a r i n g a n d e n u - m a n j a . Biya ngarni n g k a yadikina y i rrilikena n a r r a m i nakumurna- murru-wa dumbala w u b u r r a dingira a b urrilangu-manja alika akwa ayarrka, kembirra emikirra plaster. Kembirra yadikina y i rrilikena n g a r n i n g k a w u r r i landilan- darrkawarriya n u w a m b i l y u m u r r a - w a . W u r r u k w a l a warninga- w i l y a b u - m a n j a n u w a m b i l y a m a , umba w u r r u k w a l a n a w a r .denama akinu-manja angalya. Akwa akungwa akina y a k w ujina warni- k i n g e m b u - y a d a . N a r r a m i n u m u n g k w a d i n u m a akwa j i menda na- rrakumarnuma edirru-manja akwa k a m b a akungwa nalyangbu- rrukwajungwunama akinu-manja k a n g e m b e y i n i - y a d a . Akwa akirruburringka n a r r i r r i n g k a m a a l y a r r n g w a l y i l y a . Akwa w u r r a m b a m b i l y u m a - w i y a awilyuwily a b u - m a n j a alikira n a m u n g k w u l a m a . Umba n a l i k a j u - m a n j a engku-wa narrakwu- nama mirri j i n a w a r n i k i b e k i - y a d a erriberribu-manja, m e n a angkababurna kebeki n a m a m a b a b u r n i - l a n g w a marringa. 19