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Tjapuṯa Pikaṯi



Tjapuṯa Pikaṯi

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Luritja Elementary Reader and Workbook series; The angry lizard


Winfield, Catherine; Roberts, Murphy


Nelson, Dennis


Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project; PublicationNT; E-Books






This material was collected by the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project between 2013 and 2021. The project was led by Charles Darwin University in partnership with the Australian National University and the Northern Territory Government and funded in part by the Australian Research Council.; Efforts have been made to identify and contact the person or people responsible for creating these materials to request permission to include them in this archive. If you have any concerns about materials being made public on this site, please contact us and we will remove the item from display until any concerns have been addressed.


Luritja language


Pintupi-Luritja; English; Pintupi language C10


Narrative; LAAL; Pintupi-Luritja; Bilingual education resources; Pintupi people C10; Pintupi language C10; Pintupi Luritja; Bindubi; Ildawonga; Wenamba; Bindaboo; Bindabu; Bindiboo; Bindibu; Bindooboo; Bindubu; Kalgonei; Kalgoneidjara; Kalguni; Loritja; Luridja; Luritja; Matjunalatara; Panika; Pi:ntubi; Pindu; Pindubu; Pintubi; Pintubidjara; Pintubitjara; Pintubu; Pintudjara; Pintularapi; Pintunala; Puntubu; Teitudjara; Wankawinan; Wenaba; Wiluraratja; Ildawongga; Puntubu; Pintubidjara; Wan kawinan; Kalgo neidjara; Matju:na latara; Panika for Pintubi; Ilda; Ilta; Manggawara; Wananwanari; Maiidjara; Maiadjara for Ildawongga

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Papunya Literature Production Centre

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cdu:39577; LAAL_ID:pl0204




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Papunya Literature Production Centre



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The Angry Lizard One brother and ,one sister both went out on foot to the plains. Brother went throwing things at the birds with his shanghai. Sister said," Leave the birds alone!". Then brother saw a small lizard standing on the ground. He hit the lizard with a stick. Then the lizard ran into a hole. Sister was frightened of the lizard, she ran away from the lizard. * Brother, he followed the lizard to its hole. He saw the hole and pulled the lizard out by its tail. After that brother took the lizard to frighten sister with. Sister didn't want anything to do with the lizard, she was frightened. The lizard didn't want anything to do with brother. The lizard was angry! Then brother was bitten. So sister ran..away home to get away from the angry lizard. Brother ran after her to get away from the angry lizard. on In t roduce the new endings; " t j i n g a u " , " t j i n g a n y t j a k u " " r r i n g u " In t roduce the new s i ght words; "manta", "wan t i /ngu " , " yu r rkunu " , "nga t i " , " t j u pu" "Pa lu languru" and " t j a l k a ungu" In t roduce the new phonic words; " t j a p u a " , " k u t j u " , " t j i n a " , "w a t ja i " , "nyangu" , "pungu" , " n y a r a n y i " , "ngu u ", "maa", " p i k a i " , " p a t j a u " "pi l a " , " t j a n g a r r i " , " w i t i r a " , " k a t i n g u " "wanau",