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Wurrpaṉ' ga Ṉama'



Wurrpaṉ' ga Ṉama'


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Galiwin'ku; Elcho Island


While hunting Jabiru stays out and eats all the best fish and stingray and brings home only a little for Emu.


This material was collected by the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project between 2013 and 2021. The project was led by Charles Darwin University in partnership with the Australian National University and the Northern Territory Government and funded in part by the Australian Research Council.; Efforts have been made to identify and contact the person or people responsible for creating these materials to request permission to include them in this archive. If you have any concerns about materials being made public on this site, please contact us and we will remove the item from display until any concerns have been addressed.


author unknown; published version available


Yolŋu Matha [multiple languages]; Yolngu Matha language N230


Traditional; cautionary; LAAL; Yolŋu Matha [multiple languages]; Bilingual education resources; Yolngu people N230; Yolngu Matha language N230; Murngin; Wulamba; Yalnumata; Yuulngu; Yulngu; Miwoit; Miwatj

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Galiwin'ku Adult Ed

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cdu:45912; LAAL_ID:ga0156


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Galiwin'ku Adult Ed



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"Dhuwala nhe yukurrana dharrwa guya barrtjurruna. arra nhuu margi," bitjarra ayi Wurrpa'. Bala ayi gara mrraala, bala urrkaala nhanukala ama'wala. ayi marrtjina dhur'thuryurruna ga dhoka anya dharpunha. ayinydja amany'tja mirithina bala buthurruna mirithina garrwarthina. Ga bulu ayi Wurrpa'thu mrraala unhi gara weyin bai, bala ayi yukurrana mitthurruna. Mitthurruna ayi. "Manymak, dhuwali nhe by buthurru, athili arra nhuu gulkthun", bitjarra ayi waana Wurrpa'. Gulkthurruna ayi dhumbu'kuala. Maal' ayi mrraala. "Yaka nhe yurru arranha waanydja baykarrarama," waana ayi bitjarra Wurrpa. "Yna yurru arra dhiyau urrkamanydja ga yna dharpuma dhipali djiwarr'lili", bitjarra ayi Wurrpa'tja. Manymak atj, bitjarrayi ayi dhur'thuryurruna marrtjina djuup, bitjarrayi rumballili yna. Ga marrtjina yukurrana unhi garanydja bala urrukurruna mar'wakthurrunanydja. "Yo dhuwali nhe arranha dharpuala", bitjarra ayi waana. "Dhuwalanydja arraku ga urruna, mrr yurru arra dhiyaunydja arra guyana marrtji barrtjun." Ga ayinydja beuru nhanu urrkaala yindi gua Wurrpa'ku. Yindi gua mrraala, bala urrkaala ga dhur'thuryurruna marrtjina. Ga bitjarrayi bili wutthurruna al bitjarrayi rumbal nhanu Wurrpa'ku. Ga ayinydja unhi grrina guanydja guunlili. "Yo, dhuwalanydja arraku ga yothuna mapu'na, yurru arra dhiyaunydja bala rur'yurruna. Wairrina arra yurru iltjililina wrina upan", bitjarra ayi Wurrpa. Bala ayi wainana. Bala ayinydja unhi amany'tja buthurruna barrkulilina walili, bala maa ganarrthanmina unhili unhi maa yukurrana mari djma. ayinydja Wurrpa'tja waina barrkulilina iltjililina ga ayinydja amany'tja buthurruna wiripuulili walili.