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Lesson 60 of the Gupapuyŋu Reading Series with supplementary stories


Manydjarri; Buyuminy


Yambal 2


Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project; PublicationNT; E-Books; Gupapuyŋu Reading Series






This material was collected by the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project between 2013 and 2021. The project was led by Charles Darwin University in partnership with the Australian National University and the Northern Territory Government and funded in part by the Australian Research Council.; Efforts have been made to identify and contact the person or people responsible for creating these materials to request permission to include them in this archive. If you have any concerns about materials being made public on this site, please contact us and we will remove the item from display until any concerns have been addressed.


Primer material by B. M. Lowe; text without images


Yolŋu Matha [multiple languages]; Yolngu Matha language N230


Language instruction; Reader; LAAL; Yolŋu Matha [multiple languages]; Bilingual education resources; Yolngu people N230; Yolngu Matha language N230; Murngin; Wulamba; Yalnumata; Yuulngu; Yulngu; Miwoit; Miwatj

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Milingimbi Literature Production Centre

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Gupapuyŋu Reading Series


20.5 x 16.5 cm

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cdu:46047; LAAL_ID:migp60


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Milingimbi Literature Production Centre



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ayi marrtjina unhi roiyinanydja. Waina ayi bala ayi maanha nhalana, maa gana nhinana buku-munhaura; yurru maa unhi bukunydja ga yuugurrnydja ulkulkthurrunana. Waina marrtjina---a, dharrna maanha nhala! Ga ayi unhi bitjarra guyaana, yanapi unhi mokuy maa. Bala ayi barrariuna wambuthurruna! Waina ayi gana, yna ayi guyaana, ga bitjarra ayi, "Way! Dhuwala arra ga ilak wairri barrariu, go!" Ga nha'nhaala ayi---i, ga waana ayi bitjarra, "Murr' muka arranha walala byu nhnha wainhawuy!" Bala ayi roiyinana baladhi unhi miyalkkala maagala. Bala ayi maanha nhala, ga waana maanha dh-birrka'yurruna bitjarra, "Maa! Nhuma arraku akarau! Nhaltjarra nhuma gana dhuwala? Bunhamina? Mrr ga nhuma dhuwala marwattja dhrrana, ga buku nhuma dhuwala ulkulkthurruna?" "Yaka. Dhuwala arra nhanu gana djuku iy'iymaraala; yurru linyunydja gana wawuna djuku-nhnhamina. ayinydja marrtjina ga'yurruna djaam'tja, bala arranhana yuugurrnha djawar'yurruna, ga anyanhanydja marrtjina dhuwali, ga glkalyuna bumara." "Yw, gumurrtjararrk maa!" Bala ayi maanha walilina gala. 60d GARKMAN GA NYIKNYIK MAA MRRANHAMINA Waganydhu waluy Garkman gana dhathunmina manymakthu girriy'; yurru yua ayi unhi garkmandja. Dhathunminanydja ayi unhi, bala dhawathurrunana, bala dhurrparaala dhukarrnha, bala marrtjina wainana. Waina ayi marrtjina, ga wa galkithina waganygu miyalkku; yurru Nyiknyik ayi unhi ykunydja. Wa unhi galkithina nhanu, bala ayi manikaynha ar'aryurruna; yurru bitjarra ayi marrtjina unhi ar'aryurrunanydja gam': "arranydja dhuwala mirithirri manymak garkman, ga arra uli ga nhinanydja waura manymakura; ga wanydja arraku uli ga garrkuuk yna dhrra. Yurru byu rraku gi nhini ula gurruumirri, bmara' arraku. Ga nhmirri balau nhena arraku dhu malthun, mrr ga ali dhu ga unhala nhina arrakalana waura garrkuukura, uli nhe arraku ukuk." Bitjarra ayi marrtjina unhi ar'aryurrunanydja; yurru ayi gana unhi yna buthuruwa nhanu unhi Nyiknyikku ar'aryurruna. Ga ayinydja unhi kula Nyiknyikthunydja, ga djakathurruna ayi, bala dharrnha anya nhala, ayi marrtjina mia'miathurruna. Bala dhunupana ayi dhoku'thukualana nhanuwuy ayi girriny'tja; warrpam'nha yna ayi ambaambayurruna girriny'tja nhanuwuy ayi, bala yna malthurrunana. Ga walalanydja anya nhala Bobay, etjthu ga Djaam'thu; yurru ayi Djaam'tja ga dhawu'mirri urukidhi miyalkku. ayinydja walalanha yna mel-bapathurruna, ga gombuala walalanha unhi miyalk bura yna. Ga maanydja nhala Bobayny'tja ga etjthunydja, bala maa mel melnha nhnhamina, ga galkurruna maa nhanu dhrukku miyalk-waauwa. Yurru ayinydja bitjarra yna waana, "unhi bydhi ayi mrraala! Bydhi unhi ayi yaka arrakala yarraaura."

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this website may contain the names, voices and images of people who have died, as well as other culturally sensitive content. Please be aware that some collection items may use outdated phrases or words which reflect the attitude of the creator at the time, and are now considered offensive.

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