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The Northern Territory news Sat 16 Apr 2022



The Northern Territory news Sat 16 Apr 2022

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Saturday April 16 2022 WEEKEND 27 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA A crime has been committed at my house, a real one too, not like the time I made spaghetti bolognese with chicken mince. Im not great on attention to detail, and I can never solve those pick the seven differences between these two pictures puzzles. However, I know I didnt go to bed with all car doors left a little bit open. This wasnt my slackness, for once. The car had been broken into. I was torn between feeling violated and also excited knowing that a forensics kit would be used in my presence soon. Ive listened to a lot of true crime podcasts its a thing women of my age do, we live for true crime and gut health. Keen to see if anything was taken, I opened the door a little further with the car key, to find the contents of my glove box strewn all over the place. Every tissue had been pulled out of its box, all those things you shove in the glove box for a rainy day were on the car seat, lip balm, sunglasses, even a sushi soy sauce fish. Nothing was taken. My heart sank a bit none of my stuff was good enough for this thief. It was a dual feeling of relief when I realised I remembered to bring my earbuds inside but, simultaneously, I felt a bit deflated to think that no one wanted any of my very nice hand cream. When I told people of my brush with crime, everyone said the same thing, Didnt you hear them? I didnt. Thank you sleep magnesium supplement, and hypnosis sleep story, but I didnt hear a thing. Of course it was the one night the dogs were exceptionally well behaved and didnt stir either. Useless. If our thief, however, had been munching on a box of Barbecue Shapes as they rummaged through my car, different story. The next question people ask is, Did the neighbours see anything? They didnt. One neighbour thought it was me in my car at midnight. I can barely keep my eyes open past whatever dating, cooking, renovation show is on after the news. If Im in my car at midnight, Im sleep walking. Please intervene as Im having that dream that I work back at Woolworths in the deli again and Im late for my shift. This isnt the first time Ive had the police around. When I was eight my trampoline was stolen which, looking back now, wasnt a huge shock. I grew up in a suburb with very few boundary fences; the trampolines only security was Dads catamaran in front of it. Easy pickings for those with Tetris skills and a deep desire to own a yellow trampoline with Melinda rules written on it in Texta. Im not as innocent as I may look, Ive done some bad things too. I once stole a glitter bouncy ball that was calling my name from Kmart Caloundra. When was this, Mel? 1991. I couldnt cope with the guilt so I returned it to the shelf I got it from a few days later. It had been bounced within an inch of its life. I didnt think ahead on this theft, I had no answer for my mum who quite rightly asked, Where did you get that ball from? I paused for way too long, then said, Aunty Beverley gave it to me. To which Mum countered with, So if I call Aunty Bev now, will she tell me that she bought you that ball? Checkmate. CSI Mum had got me good. The bouncy ball went back to Kmart and so ended my reign of terror, as the mastermind and top dog of the bouncy ball theft syndicate. mel buttle My heart sank a bit none of my stuff was good enough for this thief All Mixed Up Jason Om: HarperCollins, $35 Aged 12, Om saw his mother die of a heart attack. So begins this memoir about growing up in a family filled with secrets. T O W A T C H Slow Horses Apple TV+ Exiled spy Gary Oldman and MI5 head Kristin Scott Thomas star in this twisty British espionage thriller. T o R e a d Cassoulet Confessions Sylvie Bigar: Hardie Grant Books, $33 A New York food writers memoir explores the origin of the historic French dish and her dramatic childhood in Geneva. T O W A T C H Coda Apple TV+ This years Best Picture Oscar winner stars Ruby as the only hearing member of her family, who aspires to be a singer. T O R E A D