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The Northern Territory news Sat 16 Apr 2022

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Saturday April 16 2022 NEWS 05 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Australian brothers Louis and Oli Leimbach of Lime Cordiale. Picture: Adam Head AUSTRALIAN pop rock stars Lime Cordiale have joined the It Takes 3 campaign to encourage support of independent candidates standing on climate action and discourage youth voters from drawing cartoon genitals on their ballot papers. In a hilarious video posted to Instagram on Thursday, brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach said voters could make a big difference with their vote in addition to converting to solar power, composting and having cold showers. Or no showers at all; Im doing dry 2022, Louis jokes. While the focus of the campaign featuring artists, activists and environmentalists is on electing independent candidates to advocate for bold climate action, the Lime Cordiale video also addresses the rate of informal or donkey votes which rose to 5.5 per cent in the House Of Representatives ballots in the 2019 election from 5 per cent in 2016. Louis references the trend of people lodging protest votes by drawing genitals on the ballot paper. Im pro sustainable living and I usually draw organic veggies on my ballot paper, like, you know a gherkin and two potatoes, he says. Ive seen other people do it. Oli points out the drawings are in fact d**ks, Louis; theyre drawing d**ks. The pair then tell fans they dont need to be political experts for their vote to count at the election. We just need to do two things. One, dont draw cartoon genitals on your ballot paper, Oli says. And two, if we vote in just three independents with a strong platform on climate change, we can sway government decisions. And thats game-changing. kathy mccabe no Dicks PLEASE: Musos A SELF-DESCRIBED horse whisperer, bushman, Virgo and poet has put his Akubra in the ring to represent the Territory at a federal level. Lance Lawrence wore work clothes faded by years in the sun. He tries to not smile to avoid showing off his missing teeth. And the same matching later of dirt covers the plastic crocs on his feet all the way to the wide-brimmed hat on his head. He is not the typical politician you would see in the halls of Canberra, but the 72year-old is hoping to take a small part of the other Territory up north. Mr Lawrence formerly of the Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party and the Mari juana Party has announced he will be running as a Senate candidate for the Legalise Cannabis Party in the upcoming May 21 election. Mr Lawrence said his goal at a minimum was for Australia to follow the ACTs lead and decriminalise cannabis. The ACT allows adults to possess up to 50g of dried or 150g of fresh cannabis, grow up to two plants and to use the drug inside their home. I get locked up for that, Mr Lawrence said. The Senate candidate said he had been arrested by the police, who he called the bully boys, for possessing cannabis oil and was fined $4800. The fact is that people in Canberra can grow it and smoke it, and we get arrested for it, Mr Lawrence said. Are we living in the same country or not? ... Where is my victim? Its a victimless crime. Mr Lawrence will be joined on the Legalise Cannabis Party NT Senate ticket by WA single mother Kelly-Anne Hibert. Latest updates ntnews.com.au Standing by the creed of the Liberal Democrats is a l l o w i n g people to have freedom to live their life. Mr Hansen said he would look into registering the Liberal Democrats in the Territory following the federal election. The Senate candidate said he wanted to improve the lives of Territorians but was unable able to do that with his former party. Unfortunately, I felt like towards the end the CLP had lost its way and thats why so many people have left and I dont think the CLP has got the best interest of Territorians at heart, he said. The LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) has been around for 20 years and has held on to their values, which is good to see. On Wednesday, former Queensland premier and LDP Senate candidate Campbell Newman joined Senator McMahon and Mr Hansen in announcing the partys second Senate pick for the Territory. Addressing the media, Mr Newman said the CLPs support for the NT governments vaccine mandate showed the CLP had sold out. FORMER Country Liberal Party vice-president Jed Hansen has become the third figure to announce they will contest the federal election with the Liberal Democrats in the Northern Territory. Mr Hansen, who had volunteered with his former party for 17 years, this week announced he had defected to the Liberal Democrats and would run in second place on the minor partys Senate ticket. It follows Mr Hansens bombshell resignation from the Country Liberals in March, a week after their president, Jamie De Brenni, resigned from his role. Mr Hansen at first said he would run as an independent candidate for the Darwin and Palmerston seat of Solomon but has now joined Senator Sam McMahon and Kylie Bonanni at the party. Mr Hansen said he hoped the Liberal Democrats would become the Territorys conservative voice in parliament. What the Liberal Democrats stand for is essentially getting government out of peoples lives, he said. Its not governments responsibility to tell people how to live their life, its not governments responsibility to dictate or mandate things that people should be following. Hansen joins Liberal Dems Lee Robinson Stoner takes a swing at Canberra Zizi Averill Lance Lawrence Jed Hansen