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The Northern Territory news Sat 21 May 2022

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Saturday May 21 2022 OPINION 19 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA CLIMATE CATASTROPHE EVER since 1985 when a large hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica reached Australia, Ive followed reports on climate change. Having some understanding of the physics and chemistry involved, Ive had no doubts about what was and is occurring. The politics are a different matter. Although a social scientist, Im left scratching my head at times at the blindness demonstrated by our leaders. But the results are scary and some are happening now. The new Climate Council report A Supercharged Climate: Rain Bombs, Flash Flooding and Destruction explains how climate change is intensifying extreme rainfall in Australia, and how the frequency of these events is likely to almost double with each degree of further global warming. Its relatively to understand: a warmer atmosphere holds more water. But also expect more and worse fires. Here in the Top End that means more uncontrollable gamba-fuelled conflagrations. And successive disasters, such as have happened on the east coast. Professor David Karoly, late of the CSIRO, has noted that under Labor there were clear plans to deal with the climate crisis, including an emissions trading scheme. It was recognised here as well as globally that much stronger action was needed to avoid the unmanageable and to manage the unavoidable (Morton, The Guardian, May 2, 2022). But the Coalition abolished Labors carbon pricing scheme, despite evidence it was working, ignored advice on climate targets, closed a 27-year-old climate science program, cut funding for research and appointed its supporters to climate advisory roles. In 2014, a chief executive Larry Marshall installed by the Coalition fired most of the CSIROs climate scientists (Prof. Terry Hughes, Twitter, May 12) although later acknowledging this was a mistake. Now there are too many vested interests, too many of us who see the modifications needed as anathema. Thats why, I suspect, Labor isnt laying out all that needs to happen. But climate change has arrived, and its catching many of us flat-footed. And for those who still dont believe its not our problem, that its up to the rest of the world to change, this letter in The Weekend Australian gives another slant. Ive started throwing litter out of my car window lately. Why not? My contribution to the litter problem is infinitesimal compared with the vast amount worldwide (Don Dowell Apr 30May 1). Denise Goodfellow, Letchford Rd, Darwin River PATHETIC LAW THE NT Labor government is happy with their legislation that people who assault frontline essential workers only go to jail after their second and subsequent offence (NT News, 19/5). So everyone gets one free spit and one free punch without penalty! What a pathetic piece of legislation. R Harris, Larrakeyah NEIGHBOUR PROBLEM NT News letter 20/05, June of Jingili. I sympathise with you about dickhead neighbours and leaves constantly falling into your yard. Husband now ex-husband cracked the s--ts with a neighbour and drilled a hole into the offending tree and then each night gave the tree a dose of tree and blackberry tree killer. Tree and leaves problem solved. Cait, Marrara At Darwins Crocodylus Park, Speckles the psychic croc predicts Labor leader Anthony Albanese will get the meat in the federal election. Picture: Glenn Campbell CALL FOR SA AND THE NT TO MERGE Again? Rob Adams NT should unite with Tasmania. Mike Brady No way at all, SA is doomed with what is happening there. The NT is going through hell still but still have 2 years left, but the administrator of the NT has the right to shut down the NT Legislative Assembly. Dennis Whiteaker No, may have benefits for SA, but I cant see any advantage for NT. Glenys Billing Theyll have to do a Putin to get our resources! Alison Edwards Just gets crazier! Graham Bouchere If Territorians think the Berrimah line is bad, wait until the find out about Gepps Cross! Richard Brodie No way does SA need any part of the NTs crime and anti-social problems. Frank Jones We would be better under SA Labor instead of these hicks that run Darwin Labor. Peter Mayland NT and Bali would be a good idea, more fun and close. Chuck Lin LABOR HAS EXTENDED CHOs EMERGENCY POWERS FOR A FURTHER TWO YEARS Absolutely disgraceful and unbelievable. Angela VeeDub Insanity rules. Puppets. Bodil Conroy We cant protect our frontline workers, but we can do this? What a disgrace! Andrew McAllan So much for democracy. Jenny Mostran Nice to see that people really have no idea whats happening here. Louis Jen Just confirms this is about control not health. Anne-Marie Hicks All about the science and never about the people, just the power they want to hold and ruin peoples lifes. Sylvia Geranis Nice to know they never ever cared about your health. They could push this BS but safety of frontline workers? No can do. Looking at crime? No can do. Funny how that works. Brigid McCullough the Covid-19 derived powers of the chief health officer for another two years. Labors amendments to the Public and Environmental Health Act will extend CHO powers including the vaccination mandate, lockdowns, lockouts and isolation requirements until June 2024. THERES different ideological positions on the role the public service should play in representative government. On the one hand theres the position adopted by the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, which puts elected officials, not salaried bureaucrats, at the heart of government decision making. Hence, millions of dollars in sports grants being distributed to associa tions and clubs on the basis of political rather than athletic need. Then theres the model preferred by the Territory Labor government, which shows an abundance of willingness to let salaried officials take decisions which can have life-changing consequences for the people they impact. Which is why this week the Territory government ploughed ahead with controversial reforms to extend At the heart of the publics objection is the unfettered authority given to the CHO to make serious decisions well into the foreseeable future. Dictatorial was a single word posted on the NT News website which appeared to reflect the public sentiment around the changes. Arrogant is another used to describe the refusal by government MLAs and ministers to seriously participate in the parliamentary debate. No one has a crystal ball to predict what will happen with Covid over coming months and years but giving lockdown powers to an unaccountable, unelected health bureaucrat for two years is brave, crazy or both. This is surprising given we have a new Chief Minister keen to place her stamp on the government. The unwillingness to compromise on this delicate issue shows not much has changed in the Covid space. the territory has a new chief minister but has anything actually changed?

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