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04 MOTORING NTNE01Z01MO - V1 original Willys Jeep of the 1940s make it a vehicle that people aspire to, Booth says. It backs that up with impressive off-road ability. Live axles front and rear may not help its on-road credentials, but they make it immensely capable off-road, even if many owners will never leave the bitumen. 9 JAGUAR E-PACE (73 to 76 per cent) The E-Pace is relatively unknown compared with its German rivals, but that can help in the used car market. It is a luxury car from a mega luxury brand which does carry forward, he says. Jaguar SUVs typically hold their value more than the brands sedans. The striking design and relative value for money also play a role. 10 Jeep Wrangler (73 to 76 per cent) Wranglers success is style-driven. The cool retro looks with more than just a nod to the C O V E R S T O R Y ease the pain kia isuzu jeep JAGUAR Mazda Australia not responding to Jesse Gibsons letter about the CX-9 seat belt warning sensor is disgusting. Not as much an individual case as a case for concern. Im soon replacing my eight-year-old car. Mazda was at the top of my list but now its not included. Norm Warren, email Mazda Australia is not obliged to respond to media requests about individual cases or complaints, but it is typically the only brand that does not. We welcome official statements from car brands as it gives owners and potential purchasers correct and timely advice, especially regarding safety issues. TIGHTEN YOUR BELT I own a 2.4-litre petrol Mitsubishi MQ Triton single-cab ute. Its almost six years old and done only 33,000km. The Mitsubishi service manager recommended I change the timing belt soon, which costs about $1000. How long should the timing belt last? Should I change it to be on the safe side? Robert Turner, email Diesel Tritons use a longer-lasting timing chain, but petrols like yours have a timing belt. Mitsubishis maintenance schedule says the belt should be replaced every 90,000km and youre a long way from that. Theres no mention of it being a timebased replacement. That said, perhaps seek a second opinion. A snapped belt will lead to catastrophic engine failure. Your dealer may have noted damage to your belt, expediting the need to replace it. GRAND PLANS My friend is selling his well maintained 150,000km 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Im interested in it for a trip up north, mainly sealed roads but the occasional off-road section. My friend expressed concern selling it to me as he recently replaced a tyre pressure monitor sensor and the key fob and is worried the cars electronics may be failing. Do these systems have limited life spans? Are there any Australia (not the dealer) and request goodwill assistance for repairs. The cars long out of warranty but if its been serviced correctly the CVT shouldnt pack up after 157,000km. Youve nothing to lose by asking for goodwill help. A CVT should last the life of the vehicle, but we can all argue how long that should be. If Mitsubishi wont help, go to an auto transmission specialist to properly diagnose the problem. It may be repairable, saving you from a cripplingly expensive replacement. SOFT ROADING ONLY Im considering an all-wheel drive or 4WD for the occasional trip to Fraser Island, perhaps two or three times a year. On my list are a Nissan X-Trail, Hyundai Santa Fe or Renault Koleos from 2018 onwards. The only off-road driving it will do is traversing Fraser. Noel Desmond, email None of the above. You need proper ground clearance and low-range four-wheel-drive or youll get bogged. Buy a vehicle to suit your everyday driving life, not for the occasional trip to Fraser Island. Instead, for trips to Fraser, you can rent a Suzuki Jimny for $330, a Toyota HiLux for $370 or a LandCruiser for $415 per day from the islands resort. CLOCKS TICKING I own a 2010 Honda Accord V6L and have been trying to reset the clock for the end of daylight saving. The Honda dealer said there was a worldwide problem with the GPS. Theyd fix it for a small fee or I could wait until August and it may automatically fix. Is this a furphy? Waine Pickering, email Justin Lacy from Honda Australia confirmed theres a global issue affecting GPS on some vehicles (typically 15-20 year-olds) with AVN navigation systems. Heres the science: When the GPS time signal format changed on January 1 2022 due to the GPS Epoch rollover, the GPS time signal was incorrectly judged by the navigation unit producing the time display error. Honda has no control over the GPS Epoch rollover, but the mistake is expected to correct itself automatically during the next GPS Epoch rollover in August. Id just use your watch until then. 6 KIA STINGER (75 to 78 per cent) Post-Falcon and Commodore Australians still have quite an appetite for a muscular sedan that combines family duties with performance. The demand from the Australian public around rear-wheel drive performance sedans is very strong, says Booth. The twin-turbo V6 is a big part of its appeal but Booth says buyers are also attracted to its solid value. 7 ISUZU MU-X (75 to 78 per cent) Its not as sexy or innovative as other offroaders on this list but the MU-X is a solid allrounder benefiting from our post-Covid desire to explore Australia. Its providing value at a good price compared with others in the market, says Booth. 8 SUBARU WRX (73 to 77 per cent) Since 1994 the WRX has built a reputation as the go-to pocket rocket and Booth expects the popularity to continue. Its a new generation sports car if you do want a sedan sports car, the WRX is it. Booth also points to the general strength of the Subaru brand in the used car market. FROM PREVIOUS PAGE SUBARU R O A D S I D E A S S I S T used alternatives for around $25,000 for my planned use? Graeme Stewart, email To allay your fears, get a diagnostic scan on the Jeep to pick up any issues. A single sensor failing isnt cause for alarm. As with any 10 year-old car, things do start going wrong, but a pre-purchase inspection and regular servicing is good insurance. Do you need a massive Grand Cherokee? For your budget and mild off-roading Id consider a Subaru XV, Forester or Outback. All are younger, more economical and corner better than the Jeep. That said, the Grand Cherokee will take you much further off-road. HEAVY HAULING OVERHAUL If all cars are going to become electric what about interstate trucks? Will battery range last for thousands of kilometres or will trucks disappear? Wayne Nikitin, email Well have diesel trucks crossing our giant country for a long time yet. General consensus is future trucks will be hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), which convert hydrogen gas to electricity to power motors. Last year Daimler Truck partnered with Volvo Group with the aim of having a 40-tonne FCEV truck with 1000km range in production by 2025. Unlike battery electric vehicles, FCEVs can be refuelled as quickly as diesel trucks. Hyundais Xcient Fuel Cell heavy duty trucks have already amassed 3.5 million kilometres since being introduced in Switzerland in 2020. GONE TOO SOON Our daughters 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander needs a replacement CVT gearbox after 157,000km. Its very costly. Whats a CVTs typical life expectancy? Philip Barrell, email Your daughters first job is to contact Mitsubishi OFF SHOPPING LIST write to motoring at CARS@news.com.au or po box 2808, gpo sydney, 2001 iain curry gets answers