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Bawa? ga Djuranydjura



Bawa? ga Djuranydjura

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The travels of two ancestral dogs




Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project; PublicationNT; E-Books






This material was collected by the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project between 2013 and 2021. The project was led by Charles Darwin University in partnership with the Australian National University and the Northern Territory Government and funded in part by the Australian Research Council.; Efforts have been made to identify and contact the person or people responsible for creating these materials to request permission to include them in this archive. If you have any concerns about materials being made public on this site, please contact us and we will remove the item from display until any concerns have been addressed.


en; Gupapuy?u; English; Gupapuyngu language N122.1


Traditional; dogs; LAAL; Gupapuy?u; Bilingual education resources; Gupapuyngu language N122.1; Gupapuyngu people N122.1; Gobabingo; Gobabuinga; Gobabwingo; Gobabwingu; Gobabwinnggu; Gobawingu; Gubabingu; Gubabuyngu; Gubawingu; Gupabwingu; Gupapuy?u; Kopapiugo; Kupapuingu; Kupapuyungu; Kupapuyngu; Duwala; Gababoinu; Kopapingo; Kopapoingo; Koparpingu; Dajoror; Gupapuynyngu

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cdu:53230; LAAL_ID:mi0279


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial International 4.0 (CC BY-NC 4.0)



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Glossary barrwa bark Bawa dog's name bawalamirriy anytime Benaga place name beuru from there bondi quickly buapthun cross over Vin-Gp 5 buku-garrwarthirri look up Vin-Gp 4 bulu more dhawar'marama finish Vtr-Gp 7 dhawathun came out Vin-Gp 5 dhirrimuk thick dhunupa straight dhut Vpart nhina Djiliwirri place name djukmarama go past Vtr-Gp 7 Djuranydjura dog's name gagathirri decide to go Vin-Gp 4 gali' side Gambu place name gandarr midway Gandjalamirriura place name gapu water guguyun sink, drown Vin-Gp 5 gulkthun chop Vin-Gp 5 gunharra'yun leave Vin-Gp 5 gupa back of neck gurriri short anapu cypress pine aw'marama lift Vtr-Gp 7 iw'yun paddle Vin-Gp 5 upmarama put into water Vtr-Gp 7 mrr so, relatively mali' image muryunmarama heat up Vtr-Gp 7 aku canoe al'yun rise Vin-Gp 5 thili first, earlier ir'yunmirri rest Vref upan chase, follow Vtr-Gp 6 urruu first rirrakay noise rulwadhun put down Vtr-Gp 5 rur'yun get up Vin-Gp 5 Wambal-Djuranydjura place name waanhamirri talk together Vref warguyun worry Vin-Gp 5 wau dog waythun swim Vin-Gp 5 wuuli' image yana only Yawurryawurr place name Yinamara woman's name (Waymamba) Yirria place name

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this website may contain the names, voices and images of people who have died, as well as other culturally sensitive content. Please be aware that some collection items may use outdated phrases or words which reflect the attitude of the creator at the time, and are now considered offensive.

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