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Nyurruwiyi kalalu manu Ngapa



Nyurruwiyi kalalu manu Ngapa

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In the old days they used to get water


Ross, Tess Napaljarri


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Photo-manulu Yurntumu tija-paturlu manu Warlpiri Rangers, Central Lands Council-wardingki-paturlu.; This book may contain photos of people who have passed away.


English; Warlpiri; Warlpiri language C15


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29 20. In the old days they used to get water from springs. At a spring there is water lying which a water serpent has sent from the hills or from sand dunes causing it to fl ow out. 22. In the old days they used to get water around lakes. Th e water which stands in salt lakes aft er a big rain, is sometimes bitter. Th ere are soakages around the edge which have good water. 24. In the old days they used to get water when it rained. When clouds gather there may be rain. 26. In the old days they used to get water in the rainy season. During the rainy season a lot of rain falls. It brings cold weather and lots of bush food. Note: Th e names above the photos are the names of the places where the photos were taken. Photos marked C.L.C. were taken by the Warlpiri Rangers.