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Ngurrju Maninja Kurlangu



Ngurrju Maninja Kurlangu

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Nyurnu Yapa Kurlangu; Bush Medicine


Spencer, Jilly Nakamarra; Jampijinpa, Darby; Henshall, Tom


Coulshed, Edith


Robertson, George Jampijinpa


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This material was collected by the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project between 2013 and 2021. The project was led by Charles Darwin University in partnership with the Australian National University and the Northern Territory Government and funded in part by the Australian Research Council.; Efforts have been made to identify and contact the person or people responsible for creating these materials to request permission to include them in this archive. If you have any concerns about materials being made public on this site, please contact us and we will remove the item from display until any concerns have been addressed.


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English; Warlpiri; Warlpiri language C15


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In the o ld days befo r e Europeans came to this country, Abor iginals used the bus h for their source of medicine . Today , when people are sick , they go t o the hospital co be cured and people a r e starting to forget about the Bush Me dicines. Thi s is why we have made this book . It is for Health Workers , school children , and for anyone- else who might be interested, so that the old ways may not be forgotten . If you are out bush, say living on an outstat ion and you get s i c k, you might try bush medicine . It is important that you make sur e you know which plant is which and what sickness you s hould use it for . The plants that appea r in this book were found mainly around Yuendumu, Walkulpu , Lurnpa Kurlangu and Kerridy Creek. However you should be able t o find most of these plants near c r eeks and hills throughout Central Australia . The medicines are easy to prepare and are mainly used as inhalent s , sterilents and liniments . Some barks are used in place of bandages a nd vines can be used to stop bleeding . Some leaves are for smoking , not as cigarettes, but to slow bleeding a nd to hasten healing in childbirth and illnesses . Lastly, some medicines are made to drink and in this case you must be very car eful so as not to poison anyone . Hake sure you have the right plant - ask an old person and wait until you are really s ure because some plants are very poisonou s . Nyurruwi kardiya wangurla wiyi, yapa paturlu .iu kala lu wardupungu watiya manu marna ngurrju manin-ja kurlang1.1 j u . Kala j alangu jalanguj u ngulaju kalu yan i kardiya kur la ngu kurra pan tirnirjarla kajana ngurr ju mani. Yapa paturlu- ju kalu waja-waja manilki nyurr uwiyi warnuju . Nyampuju karna lu yirrarni wiri wiri rnanu kurdu kurduku yungunku- lu pina jarri kajinkili kulkurra kulkurru langu maju jarri. Kala kanpa n yanu n gurrju mani Jungangkul panpa miylyapung- karla watiya japa marna japalpanpa nyanu yirrakarla kajilpanpa miyinta mantarla nyiyarlul - panpa nyanu mapakarla ? Nyampurraju ngula ju n yampu nguru wana jangka Yurntumu, 1