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Nungarrayi manu wirlki-pala Jangala-patu



Nungarrayi manu wirlki-pala Jangala-patu

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Nungarrayi and the seven Jangalas


Watson, Julie Nungarrayi; White, Gracie Napaljarri; Patterson, Valerie Napanangka


Patrick, Steve Jampijinpa


Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project; PublicationNT; E-Books






This material was collected by the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project between 2013 and 2021. The project was led by Charles Darwin University in partnership with the Australian National University and the Northern Territory Government and funded in part by the Australian Research Council.; Efforts have been made to identify and contact the person or people responsible for creating these materials to request permission to include them in this archive. If you have any concerns about materials being made public on this site, please contact us and we will remove the item from display until any concerns have been addressed.


Transition-ki Nampakurlangu, Topic 28 Wirlkipalakurlu; Reading Level 4


English; Warlpiri; Warlpiri language C15


Traditional; LAAL; Warlpiri; Bilingual education resources; Warlpiri people C15; Warlpiri language C15; Warlpiri; Lander Warlpiri; Ngalia; Walbiri; Walmalla; Walpiri; Waneiga; Warlmala; Walpiri; Alpira; Alpiri; Elpira; Ilpara; Ilpira; Ilpirra; Nambulatji; Njambalatji; Ulperra; Wailbri; Walbrai; Walbri; Waljbiri; Waljpiri; Walpari; Warrabri; Wolperi; Wolpirra; Walbiri; Waibry; Nambutj; Nambutju; Nambutj; Waibri; Walbiri; Albura; Boonara; Bunara; Buruwatung; Ipara; Jalpiri; Kolo; Kukuruba; Manggai; Munga; Nambuda; Nanbuda; Ngadi; Ngali; Ngaliya; Ngallea; Ngallia; Ngardi; Ngari; Ngarilia; Ngarliya; Warrmarla; Warnayaka; Ngardilypa; Yarlpiri; Njalia; Ooldean; Panara; Puruwantung; Waiangadi; Waiangara; Waingara; Wakirti Warlpiri; Walmala; Walmanba; Wanaeka; Wanajaga; Wanajaka; Wanajeka; Wanayaga; Warangari; Waringari; Warniaka; Warramulla; Wawilja; Wommana; Woneiga; Nam bulatji; Wal bri

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cdu:63294; LAAL_ID:wa0607




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https://hdl.handle.net/10070/881925 [LANT : LAAL - Nungarrayi manu Wirlki-pala Jangala-patu (black and white ed)]

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27 English Nungarrayi and the seven J angalas. A long time ago there was a beautiful woman, she was Nungarrayi. She used to live with her family. When Nungarrayi grew up her uncle said, "You have to go and live with the old man you are promised to". Nungarrayi didn't want to stay with the old man. She said to herself, "I'll ~n away." That night Nungarrayi secretly sneaked off from her camp. Nungarrayi went walking. She went west first. After that she went north for seven days and seven nights. She came to a place called Lulju. At Lulju there was a men's single camp where seven handsome Jangalas were living. They had no wives. They used to sleep in one big bumpy. They were very good hunters. Every day they would go out hunting for meat with their spears. They would bring back lots of meat to their camp where they would make a big fire and cook it. After that they would go to sleep. The seven Jangalas were not happy because they had no damper. They didn't know how to make damper. Nungarrayfcame to Lulju in the middle of the night. The Jangalas were sleeping very soundly. Nungarrayi was very tired and hungry. She cooked herself a damper but she didn't eat it all. She feH asleep by the fire. In the morning the seven Jangalas woke up and made a fire for tea. They were very happy when they saw the beautiful woman lying there. The Jangalas saw the damper which was lying beside the woman. They tasted it, it was very good and they ate the damper. Then one of the Jangalas woke Nungarrayi and asked her, "Who made this damper?" Nungarrayi said, "I did." The Jangalas asked Nungarrayi if she would stay with them forever and make damper for them. After that, every day Nungarrayi cooked seven dampers for the Jangalas. Nungarrayi was very happy living at Lulju with the Jangalas and she stayed with them till she became an old woman.