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Marru arra mutika



Marru arra mutika

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Buy me a truck


Ashwell, Marsha


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Story by the children of Gamardi, with help from Mr Johnny Watjpurrali.


English; Djinang; Djinba language N94.1


Narrative; LAAL; Djinang; Bilingual education resources; Djinang people N94.1; Djinang language N94.1; Djinang dialects; Yolngu; Ritharngu; Daii; Diakui; Djinba; Jandjinung; Yandijinang; Yandjinung; Jinang; Jandji:nangc; Jandjinang; Jand jinung; Yandjinning; Djinnang; Milingimbi; Millingimbi; Wulllakki; Ullaki; Wulagi; Balmbi; Balmawi; Barlmawi; Manjarngi; Manyarrngi; Mun narngo; Manarrngu

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Marru orro mutika. Buy me a truck. A reader in the Djinang language of central Arnhem Land. Story by the children of Gamardi, with help from Mr Johnny Watjpurrali. Illustrated by Marsha Ashwell. This text was negotiated during the Wurlaki/Djinang language workshop at Gamardi Homeland Centre School, October 17-21 1994. Wurlaki and Djinang are two of the dialects of the Djinang language group. They ore spoken in the sub-coastal country between the Blyth and Glyde Rivers in central Arnhem Land. The Djinang language group belongs to the Yulngu language family. Wurlaki is a Yirrtjinga dialect; Djinang is a Djowung dialect. 1995 Gamardi Homeland Centre School, Maningrida Community Education Centre. This book was produced as part of the Northern Territory Department of Education's Aboriginal Education Program (AEP), Initiative No. 2, Support for Aboriginal Languages in Schools. Funding for the NTDE AEP is provided by the Department of Employment Education and Training (DEED through the Commonwealth Government's Aboriginal Education Strategic Initiatives Program (AESIP). Produced at Maningrida Literature Production Centre, Private Mail Bag 67. Winnellie NT 0822. ISBN NO: 0 86783 337 8 ..