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Ŋarrakuny dhäwumirr djorra



Ŋarrakuny dhäwumirr djorra


Wanambiwuŋu, Ronnie


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This material was collected by the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages Project between 2013 and 2021. The project was led by Charles Darwin University in partnership with the Australian National University and the Northern Territory Government and funded in part by the Australian Research Council.; Efforts have been made to identify and contact the person or people responsible for creating these materials to request permission to include them in this archive. If you have any concerns about materials being made public on this site, please contact us and we will remove the item from display until any concerns have been addressed.


Includes list of Marrakulu vocabulary


English; Dhuwal; D tiwuy language N116.F


Narrative; LAAL; Dhuwal; Bilingual education resources; D tiwuy people N116.F; D tiwuy language N116.F; Dhuwal/Dhuwala; possibly also Dhuwaya; Duwal; Murngin; Wulamba; Balamumu; Barlamomo; Barlamumu; Malag; Marlark; Arrawiya; Banjarrpuma; Bilamandji Dhurili; Durilji; Tuwal

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School of Australian Linguistics

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cdu:45556; LAAL_ID:yo0022


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NAAKU ijARRANY MARRTJI R)(u ljarra marrtji r81 i Batchelorl i1 marr l)arrany 1urru marriqithirr wok1rriwu Marrakulu dh8ruk, ga Balanda dh8ruk. ljarrany djlll dhiyakuny' djutjuwu, marr riarrany marl)githirr "translation" ga "interpreting". r-arr l)arrany yurru yuwalk marl)githirr. ljunhi l)arrany dhuwa 1 dhutju dhawar 'many l)arrany yurru rol)1yirr Yirrka la 1 i1' ga marl)gikuma l)arrakuny yapa 1JT1il)u, yuku 'yuku 'mil)U. ga m8ri 'mi!)u. ga l)arrakuny w8wa'mil)uwu gllthumil)umala. ljunh1 Balandany waf)a f)arrakuny mMriny Balandakuny dh8ruk, l)arrany yurru bitjan linyou wal)a ba la mMri 'wa 1 nha 1 tjan l)ayi 8a landany wal)anha. ljarrany dj81 marr l)arrakuny yapa'r.iil)u ga yuku'yuku'mil)umala marl)githirr Marrakulu dh8ruk bitjan l)arra marl)githin marrtj1. I came he1te t:.D Ba..tc.he.lo11. t:.D lea!t.n t:.D I.IVU.te my own la.ngU1J.9e, MaM.alw..Cu., and t:.D 1;tu.dy Engl.uih. I file thi.lJ lwtd 06 woltk, 1;0 tha.-t. I can do .tluutllfution and .in-teAP'Le.ti.ng. Tha;t wa.y, I will have a qua.li.6,i.CtLtlon. When I 6.ln,,i.l;h t:hu, wo11.k, 1 will go ba.ck t:.D Y.i.Ni.kal.a and .tea.ch my 1;.u,.te11.1;, my youngelt bll.ot.heM, my g.,umdmot.heJt, a.nd my eldu.t bll.ot.he1t '1; chil.dlt.en. 16 a. folt.opea.n nnu t:.D .talk wUh my g11.andmot.he1t, I 'U be able t:.D .tlta.l'IIJla.te ,U 6011. he1t, and .tell hell. wha..t tha.-t. foll.Ope.an .u, MY-<..1'19. 1 wou.id ah.o like my IJ.U.teM and younge/1. bll.ot.heM t:.D iealln abou.t .the lkzMakulu language, .in .the 1;ame way tha.-t. 1 am do-<..l'lg Ronnie Hanambiwul)