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The Northern Territory news Fri 24 Mar 2023

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48 PUZZLES Friday March 24 2023 NTNEWS.COM.AU NTNE01Z01MA - V2 The things we do for love! We go to extraordinary lengths. We put ourselves into situations wed never normally accept and place ourselves in positions wed never usually have to deal with. Thats just how it is. Its when we experience doubt that the floodgates open and we can find ourselves drowning in the river of regret. Whether (or not) youre called to push beyond your normal limits for love this weekend, just make sure you dont question what youve already done. The future is bringing you much to feel good about. Free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com leo jul 24 - aug 23 The problem with always looking on the bright side is that you might need to invest in a pair of polarised sunglasses. But thats so much better than straining your eyes to see through clouds of pessimistic grey. This weekend, as your ruler, Pluto, settles into a new sector of the sky, you become more aware of truths waiting to be discovered. But theres no reason to dwell in realms of confusion. If you hold onto a positive vision of the future, what you discover will throw light onto the way ahead. Good things are coming your way. Free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com When we master a skill, its easy to forget all the time and effort we put into learning it. And we cant imagine how it looks to someone who hasnt got a clue how to do what we can do. They might even think we have magical powers. This weekend, if you feel overwhelmed by someones accomplishments, dont forget this works the other way round too. And if you feel daunted by the task that lies before you, know that if you apply yourself, and put the time in, its not beyond your reach. You can easily develop the skills you need. Free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com Its easy to tell when people are talking: their mouths move. Its easy to tell when theyre walking: its all about the legs. But how do we know if theyre listening? Body language is so confusing. People look like theyre paying attention when theyre not. And sometimes they appear to be telling the truth, but theyre not. This weekend, since youve got to try to gauge different peoples moods, it would help if they had screens on their foreheads that revealed their thoughts! Yet with your radar so highly tuned, you can trust your intuition. Free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com virgo aug 24 - sep 23 libra sep 24 - oct 23 scorpio oct 24 - nov 22 Imagine living in an enlightened world, where instead of having policies to follow our leaders are wise enough to judge each situation on its own merits. The rest of us would appreciate their honesty and their sincerity. And wed use our integrity to decide whether these people were worthy of our trust and support. It takes courage to admit a lack of knowledge. Not knowing makes us feel uneasy. You dont need to pretend to know more than you do this weekend. Its by daring to be vulnerable that youll get encouraging support. Free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com sagittarius nov 23 - dec 21 This weekend, you have the option to go somewhere welcoming where youll be appreciated and treated with the care you deserve. This might not necessarily involve physically going anywhere - but you know what I mean. Yet for some reason youre feeling reticent about treating yourself. Maybe you dont think youve done enough to merit it. Or that youll be running from a challenge you need to face. Just remember that youll be better equipped to deal with any issues if youre in a position of strength. Accept the help on offer.Free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com I remember when my son was little and playing with paints. When he added more and more colours on top of one another, he ended up with a brown blob. The fridge was covered in his muddy-looking designs! Even if he started with brilliant yellow, or postbox red, as soon he added other colours he got the same result. In life, a similar effect occurs when we have too many issues to deal with. We can end up with an indefinable mess. This weekend, if you want to create a picture you enjoy, try keeping things separate. Definition is good! Free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com Why is it that good deeds are so easily forgotten or overlooked, while mistakes are remembered? Maybe its because we find it easier to be harsh on ourselves rather than be kind. When we practise this behaviour, we give other people permission to do the same. And the pattern continues and spreads. This weekend, its time to banish negative thoughts about the situation youre dealing with. If youre optimistic, youll encourage others to change their views. And when positive minds get together, theres no telling what can be achieved. Free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com capricorn dec 22 - jan 20 aquarius jan 21 - feb 19 pisces feb 20 - mar 20 Violent antipathies are always suspicious, and betray a secret affinity. Wise words indeed. So the next time anyone makes you cross, its worth taking a moment to think about why youre having such a strong response. We often react to other peoples behaviour because we recognise an aspect of it in ourselves. With your ruler, Mars, finally leaving Gemini and moving into home-loving Cancer, it brings a chance to learn more about yourself by observing the way you respond to others. Try this out... completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com aries mar 21 - apr 20 Serendipitous occurrences are such a delight: that glorious feeling when something turns up, exactly when we need it. When our wishes dont come true until some time after weve made them, its nowhere near as satisfying. And there are other times when the cosmos provides us with solutions to situations before weve even realised theyve become problematic. With mysterious Pluto in a new sign, be sensitive and open-minded to what this weekend offers. The help coming your way might not be what you expect, but its good.For free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com taurus apr 21 - may 21 JUMBO CROSSWORD 24/3 Yesterday Yesterdays solution WORDFILL O D E 3 LETTERS ARC ARK ART ASK AWL BUY COO DEW EVE HAS ICE ILL IRE KEA LIT ODE OIL SOY Fit the words into the grid to create a finished crossword TEA TEE TOT TWO WEE 4 LETTERS ACID AIDE AKIN AVOW BARE BETA BUSH CEDE COSY EVER FIST KEYS KIWI REND ROAN SCAN SELL SLEW STAY STOP TAGS TREE TYRE ULNA 5 LETTERS ENSUE OLDIE PAINS SNUBS TABOO TRACT WINKS 6 LETTERS ABSEIL BERETS BOUNDS SATINY 7 LETTERS FUCHSIA NOSTRIL 8 LETTERS ACHIEVER CALENDAR CLUBBING DAYBREAK S T E M A R C T S A R P U R E P A R O N C E A N A T H E M A L O R E H E X C H E W E D A B H O R S K I D D E E D D I P L O M A T D A M B I G O T O N E S U P P L A N T U P O N H U B S A M E N D A S H O R E L I P N O U N T W I L I G H T T I L E E E L R O A R S L A Y S T Y E D D Y 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 ACROSS 1. Uncultured (7) 6. Agave fibre popular in matting and carpet (5) 9. Cry of approval (5) 12. Valuable possession (5) 13. Operate (3) 14. Bush (5) 15. Belonging to you (5) 16. Loose hillside stones (5) 18. Model of excellence or perfection (5) 20. Levy of one tenth (5) 21. Foretell (7) 23. Relaxation (4) 25. Language (colloq) (5) 27. Sagacious (4) 29. Furious (5) 31. Strong desire (4) 33. Traditional Indian garment (4) 34. Record electronically (4) 36. Extraordinarily good (9) 39. Gesture of approval (3) 40. Talkative (6) 43. Self-righteous (6-4-4) 46. Type of berry used to make gin (4) 47. Fete (4) 49. Mischief, underhand behaviour (6,8) 54. Overjoyed (6) 56. Body of water (3) 57. Conservative political section of a party (5-4) 61. Friend (4) 64. Air shaft (4) 66. Heroic (4) 67. Unmoving (5) 68. Dirt (4) 70. Hairstylists workplace (5) 72. Tidy (4) 74. Remains (7) 76. Confess (5) 78. Power tower (5) 80. Conical tent (5) 81. Annex (5) 82. Watchful (5) 83. Knights title (3) 84. Approximately (5) 85. Apparel (5) 86. Glorify (5) 87. Fellow feeling (7) DOWN 1. Musical military send-off (4,4) 2. Excited or agitated (6,2) 3. Jewish scholar or teacher (5) 4. Large introduced species of deer (6) 5. Small island (4) 6. Flair (5) 7. Quick look (colloq) (6) 8. Shine (6) 9. Most excellent (4) 10. Unit of land (4) 11. Bias (3-9) 17. Seat (5) 19. Scent (5) 22. Musical symbol (4) 24. Exchange (6) 26. Sister (3) 28. Yield (7) 29. Final (4) 30. Leather-like (5) 32. Musical performance (7) 35. Fuss (3) 37. Division of a play (3) 38. Cha (3) 41. Becomes older (4) 42. Tidal wave (7) 43. Exuberant (4-8) 44. Origin (4) 45. Mundane (7) 48. Time off work (5) 50. Neutralise (6) 51. Coniferous tree (3) 52. Vase (3) 53. Drunkard (3) 55. Female relative (4) 58. Delicious (5) 59. Poorly (3) 60. Unit of heredity (4) 62. Conclusive measure of success (4,4) 63. Skilfully (8) 65. Wear away (5) 68. Stitch (6) 69. Unfair (6) 71. Highly decorated (6) 73. Disgust (5) 75. Cutting (5) 76. Church recess (4) 77. Muddle (4) 79. Booty (4) ACROSS: 1 Alarmed, 4 Disdainful, 9 Deposit, 13 Iris, 14 Infant, 15 Antics, 16 Whos Who, 19 Unreliable, 20 Deferred, 21 Guilt, 24 Assist, 25 Regain, 27 Laundered, 32 Cleansed, 33 Dearth, 34 Adoring, 38 Shanghai, 39 Insist, 40 Airy, 41 Idiot, 42 Roast, 45 Indoctrination, 52 Ponds, 55 Delay, 56 Clot, 57 Prepay, 58 Superior, 61 Leopard, 62 Direct, 63 Stowaway, 66 Distended, 68 Minuet, 69 Dismay, 73 Weepy, 74 Rampaged, 76 Tambourine, 81 Portray, 82 Glenda, 83 Spleen, 84 Wild, 85 Odyssey, 86 Parameters, 87 Trigger. DOWN: 1 Adieu, 2 Apiarist, 3 Denial, 4 Drawl, 5 Sate, 6 Abandon, 7 Notify, 8 Ulcer, 10 Echo, 11 Obscure, 12 Inhale, 17 Flashlight, 18 Meant, 22 Sardonic, 23 Needy, 24 Adviser, 26 East, 28 Attract, 29 Tatami, 30 Tartan, 31 Unload, 33 Drier, 35 Radio, 36 Ta-ta, 37 Ergo, 43 Obeyed, 44 Sharp, 46 Nile, 47 Outline, 48 Topped, 49 Inept, 50 Amassing, 51 Nougat, 52 Precarious, 53 Nail, 54 Surgery, 59 Troth, 60 Gone, 64 Knead, 65 Imbibing, 67 Impetus, 68 Mediate, 70 Second, 71 Agenda, 72 Absent, 75 Polka, 77 Atlas, 78 Elder, 79 Take, 80 Isle. This weekend, as fiery Mars leaves Gemini (the sign of communication) its time to start dialling down the rhetoric. Theres less chance of getting into trouble for sharing our views. As the planet of passion enters Cancer, well find it easier to find subtle ways to share our feelings in ways that dont cause disharmony. And with mysterious Pluto in free-thinking Aquarius, acting intuitively will create positive momentum without alienating friends. You wouldnt hobble around with a stone in your shoe all day. Youd be constantly trying to shift it around inside your sock so that it moved to a place where it didnt bother you. Or youd have to change the way you walk so that you avoided the pain. If you managed to get it between your toes, you might be able to forget about it. With Mars leaving your sign, no matter the rush, irrespective of how busy you are, you can remove a metaphorical stone from your shoe. Taking time to sort out a minor issue is investing in your future. Ffree audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com We all have our unconscious biases. We look at people, and we cant help ourselves from making judgments. We like the way they look. We dont like their tone of voice. We like their attitude. We dont like their behaviour. We might not like the fact that we judge, but we do. The more enlightened we are, the more were prepared to accept the fact that we make judgments, and consciously try to be aware of them. Mars moving into your sign gives you more power and influence. Do your best to use it in the best way possible. Free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com Gemini may 22 - jun 22 cancer jun 23 - jul 23